What My Kid Wore #15

April 11, 2018

Let’s talk about tutus; they’re not just for ballerinas or birthday parties right? When you’re 17 months old you can rock a full tutu skirt on a Saturday and go to the park with your Nana, yes you can!

This dress and matching knickers were a birthday gift for Amelia last October but it was too big for her then and has been in her wardrobe waiting for it’s day in the spotlight ever since. I had sort of thought I needed a special occasion for her to wear it given it has a sizable tutu skirt but as she’s getting bigger I didn’t want her to miss out on wearing it so this weekend, for a Saturday at home playing with her Nana, she wore her tutu dress like a rock star.

The dress is from the Disney store, we have a store in my local city but I’ve never looking there for dresses. In fact I can’t be trusted not to buy every soft toy in the store so it’s probably best I don’t go in at all.

Needless to say, with the cold and dreary weather we’re still having Amelia didn’t wear the knickers but wore her think winter tights instead and she looked so bloody cute even if she was somewhat unsure about the tutu at first. She looked at me with an expression along the lines of “mama, what is this shit?” but then she realised she could flap it and play peek a boo with it and suddenly it was the most amazing thing in the world and I love that about toddlers. They just find joy in everything.

Her expression isn’t very joyous in this photo though, mostly because she wanted to watcher her cartoons and I was all up in her face with my giant camera asking her smile. In the end, I had to settle for the next photo as the closest I was going to get to a grin…

We had a lovely day on Saturday, my mum popped over to visit and I’ve never seen Amelia move so fast when she saw her. She squealed and ran to her and it was the most adorable moment.

She has the best time with her Nana and Grandad and I just love to watch them play, partly because it means I can just watch and not have to crawl on the floor or be clambered on for a couple of hours. It also means, I can hide behind my camera and grab some super cute snaps when she’s not looking. Candid I think they call it…

Saturday was also the only day it hasn’t been pouring down so we took a little walk to the park as well to get some fresh air, Amelia loves the swings but she’s also starting to explore the park a little more now and found a few new things to do this time.

I was a little worried the tutu might be overkill but I think she styled it her well with her new coat.

We had a lovely day and I’ve definitely learnt that any occasion is a reason to get dressed up and wear a fancy dress with a tutu skirt.

Rachel xx

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