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Monthly Favourites

Family Monthly Favourites

April Favourites

May 4, 2018

Can someone please explain to me how it is the end of April already? I swear it was January like five minutes ago! It’s been a weird month for us, it’s a crazy busy time at work for me because I work in the financial industry and tax year end at the beginning of April is a doozy. Thigs were brightened up though by some unexpected but much-appreciated…

Family Monthly Favourites

March Favourites

April 6, 2018

March is a crazy month in our house, it’s a long month but it’s also so busy with celebrations that it seems to lie past. I can’t believe March is over but it also seems so long ago that I was celebrating my 30th birthday and our good friends tied the knot. It’s been super hard to choose my March favourites because I had so many amazing gifts…

Monthly Favourites

February Favourites

March 5, 2018

It feels like it’s only just been the end of January but we’re already into March; not that the weather would make you think so. Anyone else totally sick of talking about weather now? I know us Brits love the topic but all this uncertainty about snow and ice and travel, it’s exhausting. Not to mention I’d love to go outside without a million layers under my ‘big’…

Monthly Favourites

January Favourites

February 3, 2018

The longest month of the year is over; hopefully you’ve all gotten over the January blues and are ready for February to fly by and it’ll be March before you know it. With the end of another month it’s time to look at my favourites from January; Hydratem8 bottle Some of you will remember I had one of these bottles about 2 years ago but I really struggled…