About Us

Welcome to Rachel Ebuehi parenting and lifestyle blog, thank you for checking out my little space on the internet. My name is Rachel, I am happily married, a new mum to Amelia Grace who was born in Oct 2016.


Rachel Ebuehi parenting and lifestyle blog:

I intend to use this space to share experiences, goals and adventures. As well as post as often as possible to log memories of little moments and the wonderful journey as we grow our little family. I will also use this platform to share what inspires me when I go out shopping and take on projects such as the preparation for our little girl and how we learn to look after her as she grows.
There will be laughter, honesty and most likely some tears but I hope you will find it inspiring. This is our space to take you on the journey with us, we’re so glad to have you along for the ride, hold on tight and please feel free to contribute via comments on what interests and inspires you.

Where we live:

My husband and I live on the South Coast of England where it is sometimes sunny and beautiful. I’ve lived on the South Coast all my life, apart 3 years spent away in Oxford to study at university, Kevin has lived here since moving to the UK from Nigeria to study at University.

Our family:

We are a blend of culture, I am UK born and bred, whilst I have lived my whole life in the South my family are originally from the North of the country and some of these Northern roots still run through me. Kevin was born in Benin City before moving to the capital Lagos in Nigeria. He is a city man at heart and I am sure we will gravitate back to a city lifestyle at some point before we are old and grey. Our lifestyle is a harmonious blend of the UK and Africa and we can’t wait to teach our little girl all about our different cultures.

What we love:

As with most couples we each have our own passions; mine being mostly centred on things that twinkle and glisten. Some might say I have an addiction to collecting jewellery, scarves, hand bags and any other accessory I can justify. I just love it! I have a passion for beauty, fashion, travel, and love nothing more than an afternoon spent at the shops. I’ve also developed a curious interest in social photography, nothing overly professional yet, just practising how to take beautiful pictures of the everyday things around us that we often take for granted.

Kevin is very different to me, opposites attract after all, and he has a passion and a talent for technology. His skills on a Mac leave me astounded, I have him to thank for this blog platform, which he suggested and created. A keen sports fan too he turns his support to England when they play but his heart is still with the Nigerian national team. If our countries were ever to play each other…

Rachel Ebuehi parenting and lifestyle blog photos:

All of the photos featured on the site are taken by me; using my iPhone 7. I am not a professional photographer nor do I have the skill or knowledge for fancy editing, but I intend on building my knowledge in taking stunning photos in the future.

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