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Second Pregnancy // 20 Week Update

September 28, 2018

It’s official, we’re over halfway through this pregnancy and whilst today I’m 20+3 it was the day we had our 20-week scan. I’ve been feeling weird about it this time; as well as the scan we were booked in for a vbac consultation with a specialist midwife. If you don’t know; vbac stands for vaginal birth after c-section and the idea was to review my notes from last time and…

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Which One, Pick One – Choosing a Cot

July 17, 2016

A cot is essentially a place for your baby to sleep, nothing more and yet they are so much more than that. It’s the place your baby will rest, dream, play and learn. Not to mention often the central focus of which an entire nursery is built around. Choosing a cot for us was one of the hardest decisions when planning our nursery so I’ve put together this little…

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