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Boba 4GS Baby Carrier // Review

September 25, 2019

Baby wearing is a very personal thing, you’re either really into it and can’t think of anything better, or you don’t get on with it at all. I fear I want to be the first but might be falling into the latter. I’ve been trying to find the baby carrier that’s just right for me and have been using this Boba 4GS since my birthday in March (it…

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BabyDan Guard Me Fold Baby Gate \\ Review

July 23, 2019

Safety gates, not glamorous or particularly exciting but completely necessary when you have small children. We have gates on our living room, bottom or the stairs and the top of the stairs. Currently the stair gates are the only ones we really use but that will change once Taya is on the move, then we will need gates at every door again. For over two years we have…

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Starting Our Potty Training Journey

July 20, 2019

Disclaimer – This post features gifted items, any gifted items will be highlighted in the post.  Potty training, it’s something I’ve known we have to do but I’ve been dreading it. I couldn’t get past the thoughts of wee and poo all over the house or trying to start the process when she wasn’t ready and it being a disaster. It never occurred to me that she would…

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Mumba Nursing Bra // Review and Giveaway

April 23, 2019

Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this post were purchased and an additional item was gifted for the purpose of review. A further product has been made available by the brand for a giveaway.  During pregnancy and post birth our bodies change a lot and one of the most noticeable changes can be our boobs; they get bigger, heavier, if you choose breastfeed then they take on a life…

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