What My Kid Wore #10 – Grandad’s Special Day

March 7, 2018

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, it was spent a little differently this year since everything revolves around Amelia and making sure she entertained and having a great time.

It also means it’s the perfect excuse to get a little dressed up; I think I might have shared this outfit in one of these posts last year but I don’t care because she looked so freaking cute that I’m going to share it again.

To celebrate with her Grandad she wore a bunny dress with matching pink under-vest which is from Sainsbury’s but we’ve had it for ages and I can’t see that they still sell it (sorry). Teamed with some cream tights from Next, her Clarks shoes and a bow from EvieMichelle.

Our first stop was the soft play centre, it’s so much nicer during the week when it’s not heaving with people and whilst we only stayed for an hour it was so much fun, Amelia even went down the slide on her own (sort of, see my Instagram video)

Amelia has learnt to say “row row” when she wants to play row row your boat, this is normally coupled with her climbing on to you and hold your hands so you can ‘row’, today she sang row row whilst rocking herself back and forward on the police bike at soft play, it’s so cute to watch her singing “row row row row” over and over again, I’m still working on her saying boat but we’ll get there one day.

After an hour in soft play we headed for the pub, something for the adults and all that. I bloody love a pub lunch and this one didn’t disappoint. In fact, we like this pub so much that my TimeHop app reminded me that we were there this day last year for my Dad’s birthday, not that we’re creatures of habit or anything…

We had a great family day out, Dad enjoyed his birthday and Amelia was so well behaved that it just makes my heart burst with pride.

I wonder if we’ll go to this pub again next year…

Rachel xx

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