“As a very scared (first pregnancy) pregnant lady trying to figure out what a baby needs and which brand and what does what – I wanted to say thank you for your blogs! You have helped me massively 🙂

Nicole Oloughlin via Email

“OMG your blog is so amazing…I’ve literally sat here in my towel reading all your posts 🙂 your daughter is gorgeous!!”

Mica’Jay via Instagram DM

I’m grateful for a lot of things but since having my baby girl I’m so grateful for honest new mums like you.  I relate to you sooooo much.  Your posts and humour really make me feel relaxed and reassured that as hard as motherhood can be, there is light at the end of the tunnel.     I love how open you are (poo explosion & no spare clothes whilst out comes to mind!).  You have a positive vibe that is inspiring in every way.  Please keep blogging and being you.

Sarah Gallagher via Blog Comment

Hi, sorry to bother you but I would just like to say that you’re an inspiration! You and your family are so beautiful, full of smiles and good thoughts. I’ve been following your page for a while now and I love seeing the updates of how Amelia Grace is getting on! She’s adorable. I’ve seen that you have a blog but I never got round to reading it until the other day and WOW it was good, it’s full of good tips and experiences, it’s amazing. Thanks for enlightening my time on Instagram

Nonnie via Instagram DM

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