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Wrapping Up For Winter Walks

February 26, 2017

One of the hardest things about having a winter baby is that they’re so tiny when the weather gets really cold. We’ve been fairly lucky this year and it’s been mild on the south coast although there have definitely been days when it is has been super chilly. Northerners would call it a ‘big coat day’ but we’re a little softer down here by the sea and we think it’s bloody freezing.

It hasn’t deterred me from going out though, not just because I can’t bare to sit in the house for days on end but also because I need the exercise and Amelia also needs the fresh air. I’ve seen reports in the news lately of babies with rickets because they’re kept inside too much and don’t get enough sun exposure. I know it’s not particularly sunny during a British winter but there are always UV rays and vitamin D does reach us all when we venture outside.

So I’ve tried really hard to make the effort to go out at least a couple of times during the week, even if we just walk to the shops and back. It’s good for both us and forces me to get dressed and put some make up on. It’s so so important though to keep warm and especially important when your baby is little to keep their heads warm as this is where most of their body heat is lost from.

Pram suits are great because they are completely wrapped up and oh so cosy, I loved the pram suit we bought for Amelia when she was smaller but I don’t think it fits her anymore. The only problem with pram suits is they can get too hot if you go into shops and trying to take them on and off a small baby sometimes just isn’t worth the hassle.

An alternative is putting a hat on your baby, I love the images on Instagram of little ones in bobble hats with fluffy pom poms on top. They just look adorable but Amelia really isn’t a fan of hats and she will roll her head from side to side until it either slides off her head or down over her eyes, which she is more upset about because she can’t see. I always end up giving up and then I am worried about her head and ears getting really cold.

I have found a solution though, this gorgeous lace trimmed cap from Lanacare, it’s made of merino wool and ties up under her chin so she can’t wiggle it off. It also looks so incredibly cute and has that Scandinavian look that is so popular at the moment. Her ears are covered up but it can’t come down over her eyes due to the shape of the bonnet, win win for me.

We’ve also been wearing these little pink woollen booties to keep her feet warm when we go out, the ties at the front prevent her from kicking them off so I don’t have to worry about losing them. I love that the wool is gentle, soft and natural. It helps to regulate her temperature too so I don’t worry about her getting too hot.

I love taking her out for walks, she’s so alert and wants to look at everything around her so I would hate to have to bundle her up in so many blankets that she can’t see, I really think I have found the perfect solution with this cap. I just need to find myself some warmer walking gear, I’m currently still wearing my maternity summer jacket as it is the only one I have that fits me. It zips but it’s not remotely warm. Better than an unzipped coat but not really doing the job. A catch-22, I want to walk more to help me exercise and lose baby weight but it’s so cold when I do go out because my big coat doesn’t fit. At least one of is wrapped up super warm, can I have a bonnet to keep my ears warm too? Could I make that a thing, a new mum style icon in the making? Probably not!

Huge thank you to Lanacare for sending these products to Amelia, she has loved wearing them.

Rachel xx


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