Why I’m sticking with Sophie La Girafe

January 20, 2017

Poor Sophie, she’s had a tough couple of days. Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent me messages and links about the reports of mould, I have read the article and seen lots of other mums posting online the inside of their Sophie when they have cut her open.

Despite all the horror stories and images out there I have decided to stick with Sophie, a couple of reasons for this are:

  • Our Sophie is brand new, other than a quick wipe over out of the box Amelia has only played with her twice and only attempted to put the ears in her mouth.
  • As we are aware of the danger of mould now (this had never occurred to me before) we will be extra vigilant not to get her too wet.
  • The cleaning instructions on the box even say not too submerge her in water but to wipe her with a cloth and to never put her in a steriliser.

I know it can be super hard to keep your baby’s favourite toy clean so I’ve bought some Milton anti bacterial wipes to clean her with, these are handy enough that I can take them out with me for when she is inevitably dropped on the floor.

If you child does love to take Sophie in the bath (probably the worst place for Sophie to be) there is a bath friendly version, this one floats and doesn’t have any holes to allow water inside. Take a look here.

Rachel xx


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