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Why A Pop Socket Is The Perfect Addition To The iPhone 8 Plus

December 11, 2017

What the hell is a Pop Socket I hear you ask? Well, it’s a little holder that you stick to your phone and it looks a little like a door knob. I’m not really selling it here am I? It’s hard to explain so I’ll just show you one here:

I had previously seen a few people on Instagram using them and when I got my new phone I decided to pay a little more attention to them. The main purpose of a Pop Socket is to make it easier for you to hold your phone, when typing, walking, but also when taking photos. Selfies in particular really benefit from the Pop Socket because you can get a good grip on the phone whilst you hold it above your head to get that perfect ‘less chins’ angle in your photo without fear that you’re going to drop your phone from a great height.

I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks now and it’s completely changed my phone experience; I’ve never had a problem holding my phone before, I used to support it with my little finger to make sure I didn’t drop it whilst typing however the iPhone 8 Plus with its new glass back is quite a bit heavier than it’s predecessor. 14 grams heavier actually and whilst I understand the need for the glass for wireless charging the extra weight is really noticeable when it’s all resting on my pinky finger.

With the Pop Socket in place, I can support the phone’s weight with my index and middle finger without fearing that the phone is going to fall out of my hand, it’s great for taking photos because I can angle the phone again without feeling like I’m going to drop it and it also makes it harder for Amelia to knock it from my hands.

If you like to watch videos on your phone you can use a Pop Socket as a stand too, when it’s extended the Pop Socket will support the phone horizontally on any flat surface giving you a great viewing angle hands free. You can also use a Pop Socket to store your phone in all sorts of places if you have the Pop Socket cradle. I haven’t bought one of these yet but I can seriously see the benefit, you simply slot the Pop Socket into the holder and your phone will hang where you put it. You can use it in the car to give you hands free access for things like Maps (not for texting, don’t do that shit) but you can also hang it in the kitchen for example in order to view a recipe on your phone or tablet without having your device on the sideboard taking up chopping space and getting covered in ingredients.

You might also appreciate a Pop Socket if you have children who seem to use your phone more than you do, it can help them to keep hold of it and not drop it, it can act as a stand so that your little one can watch their favourite shows or videos without having to hold the screen and if like Amelia, your little one is very curious you can have hours to entertainment just pulling up and popping down the Pop Socket.

So to summaries the multiple uses for this little gadget:

  • Help you hold you phone whilst typing and taking photos
  • Act as a stand for watching videos hands free
  • Stop children from dropping your phone
  • Act as a headphone tidy by wrapping your wire around the Pop Socket to prevent tangling
  • Hang your device anywhere that you can stick the holder (sold separately) such as in the car or in the kitchen
  • Customisable with your own designs and photos
  • Entertainment for smaller children who enjoy pulling up and pushing down to hear the pop sound
  • Re-usable and re-positionable (this is only advisable if you buy an official Pop Socket, knock offs don’t have the re-usablilty and will lose their stick once removed)

I do need to give a warning here, there is a limitation with the Pop Socket when used directly on the back of the newer iPhone 8 and X series. If you are wanting to stick the Pop Socket directly onto the glass it will NOT stick well and will NOT support the weight of your phone. I am using mine on an Apple silicone case and it is working perfectly but I have seen a video on Youtube where one was placed directly on the glass of the phone and it wouldn’t hold. Just be aware of this if you are one of those ‘living on the edge’ people who don’t put a case on their phones.

It’s also worth noting that there are a LOT of knock off products out there and I did try one before I ordered the official Pop Socket. I thought I was being clever by saving a couple of pound and not having to wait a week for delivery, I was not being clever. There is a reason you pay a little more for the real thing and the knock off I bought was a complete waste of money and time.

I also want to point out here that this is not a sponsored post, I bought my Pop Socket from Amazon but you can also get them directly from the UK site. I am sharing this review because I love the product and would only recommend something to you if I believe it is a good product and brand.

Rachel xx

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