What’s In Amelia’s Christmas Eve Box

December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone, it’s officially the start of the Christmas weekend and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. A day that marks a new tradition in our house; Christmas Eve boxes.

I’ve never done this before, I didn’t have a Christmas Eve box as a child although I did always have new jammies to wear to bed on Christmas Eve so that’s the direction I’ve taken for Amelia’s Christmas Eve box too.

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen so so many lovely box ideas popping up on my news feed and I was umming and ahhing over whether to do it or not, I kept thinking that she has enough presents and I didn’t know what to put in it but as Christmas drew nearer I started to worry she would miss out (which is stupid because she wouldn’t even know) so I caved and decided to organise one for her.

I bought the wooden box from My 1st Years and I love love love it, it’s so cute and it’s personalised so she can use it year after year. It’s also a really good size; I mean I’ve bought way too much for it this year and it won’t all fit but that means I’ll have to keep a lid on it and not get carried away next year which is always a good thing.

For things to go in it I sort of stumbled upon a theme, it started with a really cute set of reindeer jammies from Tesco and sort of went from there; I started looking for other reindeer related items to match and found these adorable slippers in M&S along with the reindeer teddy (which is now half price by the way).

I also liked the idea of a Christmas movie or something like that but then I found this That’s Not My Reindeer book and decided that was the what I wanted to do for her. I bought her the unicorn version of this book for her birthday and she loves to touch it and turn the pages and I am all for encouraging books and reading now that she’s at the age where she’s actually showing interest in books.

So that’s this years’ Christmas Eve box, it looks really cute under the tree even if the lid doesn’t close this year because I got a little carried away but it is her first box so it’s allowed right…

Anyone else doing Christmas Eve boxes for the first time this year? What are you putting in yours?

I hope you all have the most amazing Christmas with your families, eat all the food, drink all the mulled wine and spend special quality time with those you love the most.

Merry Christmas!

Rachel xx

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    December 23, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Hi ! I absolutely love Christmas. It’s my most favourite time of the year and this year is our first Christmas as a family. I have a 5 month old boy. I got a him a Christmas eve box. I did order him some Christmas pyjamas but they still haven’t arrived. Here’s a list of what I out in his box: a Christmas themed dominoes set to play with next December, 2 nutcracker tree decorations, a Christmas book, a weaning bowl that spins (and apparently the food can’t fall out) and a santa key as we don’t have a chimney for santa to enter through.

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