What My Kid Wore Wednesday

October 25, 2017

Hello, and welcome to my first ever #wmkww, I’ve been watching Sarah from @thismamalife sharing her posts every week and every time I think ‘oh what a great idea I’d love to get involved’ and then before I know it it’s Thursday and the opportunity has passed. I’m ahead of the game this week though so I thought I would share one with you.

If I’m being totally honest here, what my kid wears on Wednesdays is rubbish; she’s at nursery full time so it’s just trousers and tops that can come home covered in food and crafting and there is literally nothing about them I would want to share with you so my entries (if I’m organised enough to do this again next week) will most likely be an outfit she wore over the weekend when she gets to wear her nice lovely dresses and more expensive non nursery clothes.

This week I’m going for the Zara combo she wore on Saturday for an afternoon with my parents, I am obsessed with Zara baby clothes and this cable knit jumper is no exception. If they did it in my size I would be all over it and we would  be twinning every weekend until Spring.

I teamed it up with the super gorgeous and soft corduroy powder pink trousers which were absolutely massive on her and had to be changed but she will grow into them eventually. I love the little details on them, like the popper that looks like a jeans button and the teeny tiny pockets that a 12 month old most definitely doesn’t need but they’re cute anyway.

Since it was the weekend and we get a bit fancy at the weekend she also wore her new pink bow from @little.french.beau which is so soft that I don’t think she really notices it’s on especially when it’s all nestled into her curls and she doesn’t try to take it off during the day – for now.

The little leather shoes we bought from a seller on Amazon called Happy Kids (here’s the link) and we’ve had these for ages and ages because I loved them so much that I bought them in two sizes and have been waiting months for her to grow into these with the little fringe around the top. Although she’s not walking independently yet I always like to put little shoes on her when we go out to keep her feet warm.

If you’d like to see more outfit inspiration from gorgeous littles then head over to Instagram and search #whatmykidworewednesday

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Rachel xx

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