What My Kid Wore #9 – A World Book Day Special Edition

March 1, 2018

So you might have noticed that this week I’m a day late in sharing this post but that’s actually deliberate. Today is World Book Day and Amelia’s nursery had a dress had a dress up day and I just couldn’t wait to share her outfit with you.

I am not a ‘creative’ person naturally, I don’t see things and think I could make that and I certainly can’t make my out costumes just yet so when I found about World Book Day I was a little worried about what to dress her up in.

I hit Google for some inspiration and asked a few mummy friends for ideas to and settled on…Harry Potter.

This outfit was originally sold in Asda around Halloween time but our local shop didn’t have it anymore. I tried Ebay and Amazon but they wanted £20 for it, erm no! In the end I Google’d it specifically from Asda and found it on their website, they still had it and I ordered it for local store collection for…£8. That’s more like it!

I wasn’t 100% sure it would fit given it has built in feet but we tried it on at the weekend and it fits her just fine *hallelujah hands emoji*

Mummy bias of course but isn’t she just the cutest little Harry Potter you ever did see, it’s got a cloak and everything.

We had some fun at the weekend when trying it on taking photos and being silly as I just knew I wouldn’t have time in the morning to take photos before work.

Here are some of my favourites:

It was all very civilised until it got a big thug life when she tried to grab the camera from me but she’s still super cute.

I’m so so glad that the snow didn’t affect her going to nursery today so that she was still able to have fun, get dressed up and take part in World Book Day.

What did your little one dress up as today?

Rachel xx

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