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What My Kid Wore #8

December 13, 2017

There’s even more Christmas outfit goodness coming your way this week for my #whatmykidworewednesday post. As I’ve mentioned previously, the outfits I choose to feature here are never ones actually worn on a Wednesday because nursery clothes are not photo worthy.

Instead I use outfits worn at the weekend when we do nice things and see family, it’s also when Amelia gets to wear her more expensive clothes that I don’t want to be ruined by nursery craft activities.

At the moment weekends consist of being as festive as possible so it’s no surprise that this week we have another Christmas outfit, two actually.

First up is a very festive get up from FandF clothing in Tesco; I just think it’s bloody adorable and it matches her new red velvet bow from Little French Beau perfectly.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know these were meant to be pajamas until I just added the link to them above. Amelia has definitely been wearing them as clothes and not pjs…oops! At least she’s seem super comfy and warm right…have I redeemed myself?

My second outfit offering this week is one from Monday’s Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day at nursery. Normally Amelia wouldn’t wear a jumper like this to nursery, nor would she wear her jeans because I like to save them for the weekend and the jumper was a gift from her Nana from M&S which is totally not nursery attire.

However, Christmas jumper day demands a Christmas jumper and this is indeed a Christmas jumper so I had to go with it. I think this jumper is so cute, we actually looked at it loads of times in the shop but they never had her size in and I was starting think it wasn’t meant to be.

I’m thrilled to report that the jumper has survived a day at nursery, no roast dinner spillage and the polar bear is still white, hallelujah!

Does anyone else wish that children’s’ clothes came in adult sizes? or is just me?

If you would like to get involved in What My Kid Wore Wednesday then check out @thismamalife on Instagram, she shares her own post and the rules for playing along on her blog each week. If you just want to check out some other cuties and their clothes then search #whatmykidworewednesday on Instagram.

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