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What My Kid Wore #7

February 14, 2018

Another week, another outfit post from little miss Amelia coming up. I’m not sure how many people actually enjoy these weekly postings, they don’t seem to get as much attention as some of my other content but I really enjoy doing them so I’m going to keep going for now.

This weekend was fairly chilled, we spent Saturday at home playing and Sunday was spent doing home chores like food shopping and signing the contracts on our new kitchen. It’s all official now, new kitchen to be installed in only a couple of weeks.

Amelia’s outfit this week was all centered around this new top from TU at Sainsburys because I loved it so much. It wasn’t what I went in for which was nursery clothes but I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s also gone into the sale now as well which sucks for me but is great if you want to grab one for you little lady. The top was teamed with her pink jean style leggings from Asda, her new Clarks shoes and a pink floral bow from Little French Beau.

Amelia did some proper walking in her new shoes this weekend, she pottered around the kitchen showroom and ran riot around Currys. She even walked to the car but fell over in the car park and got very upset about the whole thing.

I can’t believe how much better her walking is in her new shoes, it’s like she’s suddenly grown up and wants to walk and run everywhere. It’s a bit of a struggle to convince her to go in the pram on the way to nursery every morning but I think it would take us about 3 hours to walk it there at her pace.

Thank you for checking out another outfit post, I hope you’re all having a wonder Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Rachel xx


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