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What My Kid Wore #7

December 6, 2017

It’s a special one this week, it’s officially the start of the Christmas period and we decorated our tree this weekend. As well as meaning the start of mince pie season, it also means that it’s the start of Christmas outfits for Amelia.

Last year I made the mistake of trying to save her Christmas outfits for specific Christmas occasions and when you have a new born you don’t get out that much and so she didn’t really get to wear any of them more than once.

I am not making that mistake again this year so decorating the tree seemed like the perfect reason to break out a new outfit and get properly Christmassy.

This week’s outfit is a two-piece set from Tesco and a pink bow from Little French Beau to match.

I am loving all the Christmas outfits for babies this year, especially now that Amelia is bigger and can wear more then just a sleep suit. Watch out for those ‘first’ Christmas items though, it’s not Amelia’s first Christmas so I have to be careful to avoid those but little tops, trousers and dresses are all welcome.

I have THE cutest dress for her nursery Christmas party but that isn’t until next week so I’ll have to wait a little longer to share that one with you.

Putting the tree up was interesting, I did it whilst Amelia was taking a nap because I just couldn’t deal with her being into everything and she was very confused when she woke up and suddenly there was a giant green tree with sparkling lights in the living room. She was a little scared of it to start with but it didn’t take long for curiosity to take over and she wanted to pole and smack the baubles.

Speaking of baubles, Amelia’s favourite word at the moment is bubble, she loves bubbles so much and all day long she points to the tree and shouts bubbles because she thinks the baubles are bubbles, it’s so cute but I am sure it’ll get old before Christmas is over.

I also had loads of questions about Amelia’s new snow suit, it’s from Marks & Spencer. It has no feet when you get to size 12-18 months and above but below this it does have feet.

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