What My Kid Wore #6

February 7, 2018

Welcome back to another month of outfits posts from Amelia, I swear this little lady’s wardrobe is 10x the size of mine, and so much nicer too.

This week she’s wearing a new dress set bought for her birthday from my Auntie and Uncle but back in October it was way too big for her. Now it fits just right and it’s so cute.

The dress and spotty top come together and were from M&Co (it’s in the sale) which actually do some really nice baby clothes. We don’t have a store local to us that does baby clothes so they’ve been a bit of a hidden gem when we get gifts from family.

I’ve teamed the dress with some simple cream tights because it’s bloody freezing still and also a new red bow from Little French Beau.

We had a fairly chilled out day on Saturday; Amelia came with me to my nail appointment and got to play with her Nana who was as excited about it as Amelia was and then we did a little shopping in the afternoon and lots of playing with toys at home.

One of Amelia’s favourite things at the moment are bottle tops, just plastic ones like from milk cartons. They have a box of them in the pre-school at nursery and every single evening she runs straight past me and into the pre-school room to raid the bottle top box.

It’s become a bit of a standing joke with the staff but everyday evening without fail she brings us all tops from the box and then takes them all back again; so I’ve collected some and made a bottle top jar for her to play with at home. She loves to tip them out, throw them around and then put them all back.

Why spend money on expensive toys eh!

Rachel xx


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