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What My Kid Wore #6

November 29, 2017

Here we are friends, another Wednesday another baby outfit post. This one is a little different though; Amelia has been a little poorly lately and been very miserable so I don’t have any photos of her looking cute in her special outfits. I didn’t want to skip a week though as I might not get going again and it’s forced me to be a little creative.

I’ve decided to dedicate this weeks’ post to accessories. Yes even babies have accessories, mine does anyway. I love little outfit extras that really change up your clothes, the right accessory can transform an outfit and what better time to start than when they’re young.

I also get a lot of messages about some of Amelia’s accessories so I thought I break the rules of #wmkw and break them down for you.

First up and very weather appropriate at the moment is Amelia’s new wooly hat and mittens, the hat has been more successful than the mittens because she insists on having her thumb available for sucking so mittens are a no go but sometimes it’s just too cold.

This set are from Marks & Spencer (mine don’t have bobbles on the mittens though so this might be an error on the M&S website).

Both sets of little moccasins are from Happy Kids on Amazon, I’ve tagged these a few times before but people keep asking after them so I’ve included them again. We bought these months and months ago and the first two pairs we bought lasted for ages. She grew out of them eventually and we moved on to these larger one. They’re also brilliant at wiping clean with a baby wipe which is great after all the mess of nursery.

I’ve also included out gorgeous Little Blue Nest baby bunny muslin because we never leave the house without it, if she’s not snuggling it then I’m using it as a little extra blanket inside her pram foot muff. We have used this blanket as a comforter every day since it arrived over 6 months ago and no matter how much I wash it, it just gets softer and softer.

Some other items we’ve started using more lately are her Dil & Gray headbands, we’ve had them for a while but they were a little big on her and she’s finally growing in to them.

They’re perfect for keeping her ears covered but not getting too hot especially if we are going shopping and it’s going to be in the shops. I love anything handmade because I feel like there is a little bit of love in every piece you buy and you’re helping to support a small business owner and there’s nothing better than that.

I’ve also ordered an infinity scarf from Dil & Gray and I can’t wait for it to arrive, Amelia is going to be so freaking cute.

My last entry in the accessories department is Amelia’s bow collection, she has a pretty strong collection going already and she’s only just getting started.

I have bought from two mamas that I discovered on Instagram; again with the small business love. I can’t get enough of insta shops and mamas making it on their own terms.

Amelia has three bows by EvieMichelle and five from LittleFrenchBeau and I love them all. I don’t think I even have a favourite because they’re all beautiful and match different outfits in her wardrobe perfectly. We wear them at every single opportunity which now that she is at nursery is really only the weekends but I’m quite prepared to fit her outfit around a bow. Any one else do that?

I’ve featured a lot of different smaller brands in this post so I just wanted to share all their links here in case you wanted to check them out for yourself:

Little Blue Nest – Website Instagram 

Dil and Gray – Etsy Instagram 

EvieMichelle – Etsy Instagram

Little French Beau – Etsy Instagram 

Happy Kids via Amazon – Website

Custom handmade dolly seen in photos is by  Bear and Boop – Instagram 

If you would like to get involved in What My Kid Wore Wednesday then check out @thismamalife on Instagram, she shares her own post and the rules for playing along on her blog each week. If you just want to check out some other cuties and their clothes then search #whatmykidworewednesday on Instagram.

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