What My Kid Wore #5

January 31, 2018

It’s the last Wednesday of January which means two things, the longest month of the year (it feels like it anyway) is over and it’s time for another #wmkw post.

This weekend my Mum came to look after Amelia whilst we went to another kitchen fitting appointment, so many appointments about the kitchen but it’s so much easier when Amelia stays at home as she gets very bored in showrooms and wanders off looking for trouble.

For a day playing with her Nana I dressed her in super soft pink leggings that look like corduroy but they’re not really and these are from Next, with a spot top from Zara that she’s had for ages but definitely hasn’t worn enough. Teamed up with a pink velvet bow from Little French Beau and her little leather moccasins.

Amelia always has the best time when her Nana (and Grandad) come to visit and she spent all morning playing with her toys, collecting older ones from the playroom and giving them so long overdue love. She also spent a fair amount of time climbing the stairs, all the way up, carried back down and climb back up again. It’s her absolute favourite thing to do at the moment and she’s so quick getting to the top of the stairs.

I can’t wait to see the back of January, not because it’s been a hard month but just because February goes so quickly and then it’s March and it all starts to feel more like Spring. I’m so looking forward to some spring fashion for this little lady and to not have to wrap her up in quite so many layers.

I’m just going to finish this post with one final photo because it cracks me up, usually Amelia is good with her bows and doesn’t touch them but this time she was like “what the actual…” her face was a picture but once she realised it was just her bow she left it alone.

Rachel xx

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