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What My Kid Wore #5

November 22, 2017

Oh Wednesday, you’re so good to us signalling the middle of another work week and getting us another step closer to the weekend. This week’s #wmkw is actually an outfit that Amelia wore on a Wednesday rather than something from the weekend like I normally use.

Last Wednesday I had the day off as part of my phased return to work and I spent the day with my little miss, we walked to town for some fresh vests and tights now that it’s getting colder and then spent the afternoon in soft play.

I don’t normally dress Amelia in dresses if we’re going to somewhere like soft play because she just finds it so much easier to move around in trousers but this little pinafore dress was just too cute not to wear and with her being at nursery five days a week I have to take every opportunity for her to wear her ‘best’ clothes.

This week it’s another mix up of items to make an outfit; the dress is from Sainsburys and actually comes with tights and a long leaved top to go underneath but they’re both currently too big for her so I had to improvise. The frilly collar top is from Next and the tights are from Primark, they’re still a 6-9 month size because for some reason tights just seem to drown her little legs. I also added her little pink bow from @_eviemichelle because it’s the perfect colour to match her dress.

I love this little dress, I think it’s so cute with the bear detail on the front even if Amelia did spend a lot of time sucking the ears because they were just at the right height for her to put them in her mouth.

The dress actually didn’t hold her back too much at soft play either, she spent most of the afternoon throwing herself into the ball pit so I needn’t have worried about her tripping over her dress.

If you would like to get involved in What My Kid Wore Wednesday then check out @thismamalife on Instagram, she shares her own post and the rules for playing along on her blog each week. If you just want to check out some other cuties and their clothes then search #whatmykidworewednesday on Instagram.

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