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What My Kid Wore #3

November 8, 2017

We’re here again, another Wednesday installment for you. Funny how you can track the weeks when you have a regular post like this, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks already since I started getting involved with this.

I’m loving it, it’s forcing me to be organised and have my post written and ready to go on the day, it’s also encouraging me to take more photos and to dress Amelia in something lovely at the weekends to give me something to write about.

This week it has been super cold, like winter just woke up and suddenly sent us the big chill. I’m not complaining though, I do enjoy cold days when you can wrap up warm or stay in and watch a movie snuggled on the sofa.

In honour of the colder weather Amelia broke out the layers this week, teaming a new t-shirt that would have been better suited to the heat wave of months gone by but when put with her new cardigan it was perfect.

I’m affectionately renaming her new cardigan her Peter Rabbit cardi because it looks like the one her Peter Rabbit teddy wears which I think is super cute.

So, this weeks outfit is: Grey leggings – part of a multi pack from M&S, Animal print tee – John Lewis sale, Blue cardigan – M&S, Pastel Blossom bow – handmade by @little.frech.beau

P.S. yes that is an empty diet coke bottle with rice and coco pops in, she likes to shake it about like a rattle when I’m getting her dressed. Anything to keep her still am I right!

I couldn’t let the week go by without a special mention for her new hat, with this sudden onslaught of cold weather it is just too cold in the mornings not to wrap her up to within an inch of her life so I picked up this hat from M&S the other day. It also comes with mittens with I have managed to get her to wear a couple of times, result!

If you would like to get involved in What My Kid Wore Wednesday then check out @thismamalife on Instagram, she shares her own post and the rules for playing along on her blog each week. If you just want to check out some other cuties and their clothes then search #whatmykidworewednesday on Instagram.

Here’s hoping for a whole month of posts…

This Mama Life

Rachel xx


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