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What My Kid Wore #14 – Easter Special

April 4, 2018

This week is a special edition of what my kid wore because I couldn’t choose just one outfit to share from our lovely Easter weekend so I’m going share all of them and a little update on what we got up over the long weekend.

Easter is brilliant isn’t it, you get four days off work (if you’re lucky like me and work in an office) which is sometimes more than you get at Christmas and normally the weather is nice enough to do something fun although this year has been a washout for most and downright baltic for others.

I will admit that this year I got a little carried away with Amelia’s Easter outfits this year, I had intended to only buy something special for Easter Monday when we were spending the day with my parents but there was just so much lovely bunny themed clothes in the new Asda range that I couldn’t resist and ended up buying it all.

This little bunny t-shirt is part of a three-set but it’s still too cold to wear without a cardigan so I’ve teamed it with one she already had. I’ll add links to the items at the end of the post if you like any of the clothes she’s been wearing. This was the outfit she wore to nursery on Thursday, just to get the Easter vibes started a little early.

On Saturday we went for an Easter egg hunt in the woods which I have written a separate post about if you’re interested, but other than wearing some bunny print jeans I kept her in old clothes due to the amount of mud. I’ve washed the jeans and they will feature in a moment but they’re super cute and we will definitley be wearing them a lot.

Sunday was the best day, despite a mega meltdown in the morning we had a lovely afternoon of playing and a trip to the park. Amelia wore the most amazing top with ruffles on the sleeves, a bunny and a little flap with a hidden carrot.

Amelia had the most fun at the park, she met a cat and a couple of dogs. Played on the swings and slides and enjoyed being spun in the air with her daddy. I just love to watch them together, her laughter and squeals are infectious when they play.

Her special Easter Monday outfit didn’t quite go to plan, I had saved a bunny dress and tights for her to wear but they were absoloutly massive on her. She wore them for a couple of minutes but I had to change her and we’ll have to find another occassion to wear a bunny dress. They were super cute though…

I changed her into those bunny jeans I mentioned earlier and one of the t-shirts from the pack and whilst it wasn’t quite the outfit I had planned it was perfect for a day at home playing with her Nana and Grandad.

As promised, here are the links to the items she has worn this weekend:

Three-pack of bunny t-shirts and matching leggings

Bunny jeans

Frill sleeve buny top

Bunny dress with tights

I hope you’ve enjoyed this special edition with far too many outfits but hey, they’re only little once right? In a couple of years she won’t let me dress her up in cute little outfits so I’ve got to make the most of it whilst I can.

Rachel xx


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