What My Kid Wore #13

March 28, 2018

Spring is meant to have sprung and even though the weather isn’t quite playing ball just yet I decided to if I don’t start using some of Amelia’s spring items in her wardrobe she will have grown out of them by the time the sun shines and it gets warmer.

So, in the spirit of spring time Amelia wore a super cute bunny t-shirt with a cardigan because it’s still really chilly. The t-shirt is from John Lewis, the cardi from M&S and the little jean style leggings are from Asda. The bow, of course, from Little French Beau.

Amelia hasn’t been feeling herself lately, she’s been teething like crazy over the last few days with lots of crying, cuddles, disrupted sleep and lack of appetite, that’s probably why I couldn’t get a smile from her in any of my photos this week but she’s perked up a little now and seems to be feeling much better.

We had a lovely weekend, my aunts and uncle came to visit us, for one side of the family it was the first time they have met Amelia and my other aunt hasn’t seen her since her birthday in October and she’s changed so much since then.

It was the best afternoon, just spent at home playing and fussing over her which she loved. We’ve also had a bit of a toy rotation this week, bring out some that have been pushed to the bottom of the toy box and it’s so lovely to watch her explore them all over again like they’re brand new.

One of her favourites just now is this rattle roller, all you have to do is push it along the floor when you walk and the balls and rattles inside make noises. It’s great for encouraging her to walk around (not that she needs much encouragement) but good god it’s annoying after a while.

In other news this week, our new kitchen has finally been installed and we’re back to normal service. It’s incredible how much you miss having a kitchen and whilst we had set up a makeshift one with a kettle and microwave it just wasn’t the same.

I sure am glad to have the house back in order and so is Amelia, its hard work and so confusing for her having to keep telling her she can’t go here and can’t touch that.

I’m planning to put the new kitchen to the test with a special Easter dinner for the family on Monday; what are your plans for the Easter weekend? I’m just glad for a couple of days off work without it being to do DIY.

Rachel xx

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