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What Amelia Got For Her Birthday

October 16, 2018

I still feel totally weird about these sorts of posts but when I did it for my 30th back in March everyone seemed to love it so I thought I would do it again for Amelia’s second birthday.

If you’re just interested in what she got then I hope you enjoy this and if you’re looking for Christmas or birthday ideas for your little one then I hope this is helpful. I’ll add some links to items where I can find them too so you can grab gifts for your littles if you like what you see.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about her birthday (read it here) we decided not to get too many toys this year as our house is full of enough plastic crap and Amelia barely plays with any of it at the moment. She’s so much more interested in books, colouring, stickers and that sort of thing so that was my focus for her gifts this year.

From her Nana & Grandad

My parents stuck to a similar theme with their gifts this year, choosing to get her wooden puzzles to help her learn letters and shapes. They also bought her a couple of books, a gorgeous fluffy cardigan for the winter and a new raincoat (which came in very useful this weekend)

All three of these are from Amazon; Wooden shapes puzzle £5.99, Alphabet puzzle £6.29, Mix & Match bear outfit puzzle £10.99

Her new raincoat is from Asda but it’s not on their website anymore, I have seen it store recently though so it might still be available to buy.

It’s a little hard to see in this photo but Amelia is wearing her new fluffy cardigan, which she had to take off after a few minutes because it was too warm in the house; it’s from Marks & Spencer. I can’t find an exact match as the one she has doesn’t have ears on the hood but I’ve linked a similar one.

From Mummy & Daddy

I decided to make a craft box for Amelia this year, I bought a stacked storage box from Asda for £5 and then bought things to fill it that we can use on rainy days to colour, paint and make things together.

So I bought: Colouring book and picture paper from Asda £2 each, coloured paper from Amazon £3.89, Packs of stickers from Asda for £1 each, Pack of craft items including pipe cleaners, pompoms and feathers from Asda for £2, Fridge magnets from Amazon £1.80, Box of Crayons from Asda (not sure on price but no more than £2.50) and Paint Markers 8 pack from Amazon £9.60.

We also bought her lots of books; I used a deal that was on in The Works where you could buy 5 books for £5 which is just a bargain for a lot of lovely stories.

Some of these books were also bought by friends and family but as you can see she has lots of new stories to read at bedtime.

We did buy one toy set, partly because it was on sale and partly because I couldn’t not get her any toys at all.

This is Amelia’s first Happyland set and it’s so sweet, it’s actually two sets; the Vet Shop which comes with the shop, car, man, bunny and bird in a cage and then I also bought a set of animals to go with it so she has lots of animals to take to the vets.

I bought them in the sale in the Early Learning Centre; Vet set currently available on Amazon for £16.99, Animal set currently £10.

The final thing we bought, which was very last minute (like last weekend) was a scooter. It was my husband’s idea because he’d seen her using one at nursery when he picked her up. We didn’t look into them too much other than to find one that would be suitable for her age and height and one that didn’t cost a fortune.

We chose one by Oxelo which is sold in Decathlon. The handle is adjustable to three heights and I took Amelia to the store to try it out to make sure she could reach and was able to use it.

It’s customisable too as you buy the scooter frame and then you choose the base colour, there are loads of different colours but obviously I had to get pink. We also picked up a helmet and protective pads all by the same brand to make a full kit:

Scooter frame £22.99,  Pink base £2, Helmet £7.99 Pads £9.99

I think that’s covered everything; I’m actually really pleased with everything we chose for her this year. I’m proud of myself for not buying all the plastic crap I saw in the shops now matter how tempting it is to buy her all the toys.

I really think she’s going to enjoy what we’ve bought and it’s going to help her learn and develop as well as keep her entertained on cold and wet winter days.

There’s been quite a bit of interest in Amelia’s pompom jumper over on the gram; my Mum bought it for her and it’s from John Lewis, it was a bit of a last minute decision because I suddenly decided I wanted her to have something new and a bit special to wear on her birthday.

I hope you like this post and it’s given you some ideas for your little ones.

Rachel xx

P.s. This post uses Amazon affiliate links.

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