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Weekly Wrap-Up #27

July 4, 2018

I’m just going to start this off by saying I’m so over this heat wave! I know we’re supposed to be grateful for summer when it comes and bask in it for as long as it lasts but just a little respite would be nice.

I wouldn’t even say that we’re enjoying being outdoors anymore because it’s just too hot to play outside; we’ve even resorted to getting up early to go to on adventures so that we can be home before midday and escape the heat. I never thought I would be willing want to get up extra early to go out on a Sunday but that’s what we did this weekend.

We packed up the car and headed to a local park called Lakeside for around 10.30am. It’s a new park to us and we wanted Amelia to feed some ducks. Lakeside is a lovely park, it has a little mini train station and a small steam train you can ride around the park on but we didn’t do this as we didn’t take any cash with us.

Amelia had fun waving to the wave as it rode past us though and after a little walk we found some ducks. Throwing oats into the water is an art form Amelia hasn’t quite grasped yet and I think she threw more on the floor than she did in the water but I’m sure it’ll all get eaten eventually.

There were loads of ducks but also two rather aggressive swans, they weren’t aggressive towards us but more towards the other ducks, chasing them away from the food and taking it all for themselves.

We also spent a little time in the park area playing with her ball and taking her baby for a walk in the pram before she got hungry and wanted to sit down for a snack; it’s a hard life being a toddler.

The rest of the day was just spent relaxing at home, Amelia had a long nap after all her fun and antics and we played in the house to avoid anyone getting too hot or burning. We enjoyed the weekend trip so much that we’re going to try and find something to do with her each weekend, be it a park, farm, the zoo. Just something to get us out and about and for her to experience new things.

Last night we had Amelia’s first parents evening at her nursery; it was so lovely to hear about how she is doing and be shown her progress based on the targets that they are graded against. 

I don’t want to be that smug parent but I’m so proud of how much she has learnt since she started nursery, she’s currently either on track or ahead for her age in all of the areas they have tested her on and the only thing they have asked us to work on is moving her away from having her milk in a bottle to using a sippy cup instead. So that’s a little homework for us but I have no idea how to convince her to use a sippy cup so any advice would be gratefully appreciated…

Rachel xx

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