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Weekly Wrap-Up #26

June 27, 2018

Can you believe this week is officially halfway through the year; weren’t we all complaining about how endless January was a few minutes ago?

It’s been a quiet week for us again, I’m not cut out for hot and sunny days and just find it all so exhausting so we’ve been taking it easy at home and in the garden.

At the weekend we bought Amelia a little play pram to push her dolly around in and she’s been loving it, in fact, it’s all she’s played with since we bought it home. She puts every teddy she can find in it, all at the same time and wants to constantly go outside to push the pram up and down the street.

She’s become a little possessive over it actually, she wouldn’t let us carry it for her to cross the road or help her up or downstairs. She just shouts “No, mine!” and in the end, you have to carry her whilst she carries the pram in the air which is totally impractical but is a safer option than her trying to push it down the stairs.

Talking of shouting ‘mine’ it’s a new word shes found this week and I’m not a fan, she’s always been so good at sharing and whilst at the moment it’s only really limited to her new pram and her dolly I’m sure it won’t take long for it to spread to other things and she’ll get that awful only child syndrome all toddler go through at one point.

Another new word this week is “away”, accompanied by her pushing me to tell me to go away. I like this one even less and I’m not entirely sure where she’s picked it up from. When she’s having a paddy or just doesn’t want you to help her she will push you and shout ‘mama away” or “no away”. So far she’s not done it to Kev that I’ve heard so it’s really just me she wants to go away, charming!

I’m afraid I haven’t much else to report this week, I’ve mainly been watching the Crown on Netflix at every opportunity I get. I didn’t quite get into the second season when it first came out and only watched the first episode but I decided to give it another try and now I find myself going to bed too late because I want to watch one more episode. I’m loving it again and with all the World Cup matches on TV I’m glad to have something to watch to help me drown it all out.

Am I the only one who couldn’t give a monkeys about the football? I want England to do well because it makes people happy and creates a nice atmosphere at work and everyone just seems to be in a good mood but other than that I really couldn’t care less.

So, in the spirit of everyone having a good time, I hope they do well in the match tomorrow night so everyone can keep smiling.

Rachel xx

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