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Weekly Wrap-Up #25

June 20, 2018

Welcome back to another weekly wrap up, it’s been a strange week for us. Amelia hasn’t quite been herself and seems to be coming down with a cold which is rubbish for her and has meant we’ve not been able to do as many fun things as I would have liked.

We had a lovely day together on Saturday though, we spent the whole day at home playing together and she had a brilliant time. Her Auntie bought her a new Teletubbies tea set to play with and she had the best time having a little teddy bears picnic in the afternoon.

Considering she’s never had a tea set before she knew exactly what she was doing, I think they must have one at nursery because she was pouring those cups like it was nothing. Teddy, dolly, Amelia and Mummy drank a LOT of Tubby Custard tea on Saturday.

She also stole a piece of pineapple from my fruit bowl in the afternoon, I had given her some melon and mango for herself as I didn’t think she would like the pineapple but she took it straight my bowl and gave it a try.

She made the funniest faces every time she took a bite but she stuck with it and finished the whole thing.

It seems to have been a onetime thing though; I offered her some at lunch on Sunday and she wouldn’t touch it. Not that she ate much at all on Sunday actually. She was in a foul mood all afternoon and barely ate a thing since breakfast which was a shame because my parents had come to visit us for Father’s Day and Amelia whinged and cried all afternoon.

We do seem to have a new obsession this week though, it’s been building for a while but it’s getting a bit much now; cats. Other people’s cats to be specific as we don’t have a cat ourselves. It all started when she realised she could see the neighbours car in their window from her bedroom. Every morning without fail the first thing she wants to do is look out of the window to see if the ‘meow’ is there. More often than not though, he’s not there and I have to make up some story about how he’s having his breakfast because he must be super hungry in the morning.

A few weeks ago we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood and found a cat sat in a driveway of a house, every minute of the day Amelia asked to go outside to look for cats. She walks herself, with me following, back to this house to look for the cat she saw a few weeks ago.

It’s never been there again, I’m starting to think it doesn’t live there and was just a one-off but obviously, my toddler doesn’t understand that. She just starts looking for it in other people’s gardens shouting ‘meow meow’.

It’s cute, it really is and I love that she wants to be outside all the time but having to hold her up at the window every morning whilst she drinks her milk and having to walk around outside when I need to be cooking dinner or when it’s starting to drizzle is getting a little tiresome.

I think I might try buying her a cat-related toy, maybe a soft toy that she can carry around to see if that will curb her current obsession with looking for cats. I should add that she doesn’t want to go near the cats when she finds them, she wants to wave to them from a safe distance but if they come too close she freaks out and cries.

Other than playing picnic, playing with bubbles, colouring, sticking and going on cat hunts it’s been a very quiet week for us. Amelia still isn’t feeling 100% herself and hasn’t eaten much at all this week. Hopefully it’s just a cold and she’ll get her apatite back soon but for now its lots of milk, cuddles and any food she will entertain even if it’s only yoghurts and Daddy’s plantain.

Rachel xx

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