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Weekly Wrap-Up #24

June 13, 2018

We’ve had another lovely week in our house; Amelia’s Auntie arrived and they’ve been hanging out, playing and reading which has been lovely and the weather has been perfect again.

If we’re not careful we’re going to get used to this lovely sunshine and start to think summer will last forever. It was perfect over the weekend for some flower picking and playing at home and having lunch with her Nana.

This is the face you get when you ask to share her lunch, ultimately though the answer is always no!

Saturday night was a treat for me, it was my friend’s 30th and we all booked to go to a new restaurant in Winchester called Tanoshii Fusion, if you’re local I would 100% recommend it if you like Pan Asian style food. I was so nervous before going because I’m such a fussy eater I was convinced I would struggle to find anything on the menu that I would like.

In the end, I played it safe and ordered chick sweet and sour with sticky rice; I was not disappointed. If you want to eat somewhere that pays attention to detail, this is your place. My meal was served in a pineapple, in a freaking pineapple!

How Instagram is that!?!

It was delicious too, I’m never a huge fan of sweet and sour from a take away because it’s so greasy but this wasn’t like that at all. I couldn’t finish it but I wish I could’ve. Damn those deliciously moreish spicy prawn crackers on the table.

Sunday was a lovely day, very last minute which is nice sometimes, not enough time for things to ‘come up’ and force you to cancel. My friend’s family had organised a surprise BBQ for the afternoon as all of us friends were invited. Amelia and I went together and it was the best afternoon.

The weather was amazing and there was a paddling pool set up for all the children to play in; Amelia’s never been in a pool before, other than her bath and the water toys at nursery so it was all new and I bought her a swimming costume that morning so she could join in.

She wasn’t keen and never actually got into the pool due to the water temperature I think but she loved leaning over and playing with the water, splashing and filling up cups with my friends.

How cute is this little cosie; it’s from Asda and only £6. Now we just need more pool parties to wear it again.

It took a while for her to be comfortable and play with the other children there but once the bubble machine came out that was it, she was off. I’ve never seen her run so fast and she screamed BUBBLES as loud as she could.


What’s a birthday BBQ without a cake? The cake was brilliant and so tasty that Amelia joined me in having some, only if she could pick it up with her hands though, not off the little fork I gave her.

Sunday was the first birthday event that has been catered around children as well as the adults, normally we’ve gone out for dinners like on Saturday evening but other than Amelia’s own birthday party I’ve not been to a party with other children and it was lovely but also made you aware of just how much things have changed and how much older we’ve all gotten.

Birthdays are now spent splashing in paddling pools with toddlers and picking jelly out of children’s hair rather than spent recovering from the night before.

Inbetween eating out and playing at BBQs we had a little downtime at home too, is anyone else’s child just as happy playing with the FarmFoods junk mail as they are with their proper toys.

She wore it as a cape, flapped it around like a flag and tore it up into teeny tiny pieces that she then carried one by one to the bin. We also played with her puzzle, she could point out the pig but when I asked her what the cow was she pointed to it and said ‘daddy’, I laughed but Daddy wasn’t too impressed.

She’s also picked up some new words this week too; aeroplane is her favourite and she’ll point to the sky when she hears one and shout ‘air plane bye’ and wave to it. I had no idea where she had learnt it from because I wouldn’t say aeroplane, I would just say plane and not really think about it.

I asked at the nursery on Monday morning and some of the older children say it when they all play in the garden so she must have picked it up from there.

She’s also started to say ‘peas’ which she means as please, she will say it when prompted but I don’t think she understands the meaning of it yet and whilst changing her at the BBQ on Sunday she said ‘I love you’.

Honestly, I think I cried a little, it was so lovely. She stood up on the changing table, gave me a cuddle and said I love you, I said it back and she said it again.

She said it three times whilst we were there but hasn’t said it since and now it seems to everyone else like it never happened but it definitely did and I’m so happy I heard her say it.

I mentioned in my Monday post that I had a couple of days off work this week, yesterday was spent with my hubby and sister-in-law going to the cinema whilst Amelia was at nursery. We saw the new Jurrasic Park film, anyone else seen it? Did you enjoy it?

I don’t know why, maybe because it scared me so much as a child, but I’m still so scared of those dinosaurs. I feel like I’m on edge from the moment the film starts just waiting for one of them to show up and eat somebody, thank God they’re extinct.

Today though, today is the day I’ve been waiting for since I booked my hair appointment two weeks ago. It’s new hair day; I’ve shared some snaps on my Instagram feed already today but if you haven’t seen them, here’s my before photo:

As you can see it’s grown pretty long, it’s dried out from the bleach on the ends and I just don’t like it anymore. I shared a post on Monday about the images I would be taking to my appointment today and I’m so happy to report back that I love my new hair.

As you can see I’ve lost quite a lot of length which was the intention, we think about 5.5 inches in total, lots of new layers and a change to the colour.

It’s not as drastic a change in colour as I had originally planned because my stylist warned me it wouldn’t work given how light my ends were so we agreed to mix up my natural shade with lighter highlights to create a softer colour that didn’t look quite so drastic with dark roots and light ends like I had before.

I asked my stylist to take a photo of my hair before I left the salon as I had to walk home and I knew it wouldn’t look the same by the time I got home, here’s the photo she took.

I can’t wait to wash it and style it myseld as that’s when you get a true feeling for a cut I think, I will never be able to make it look the she did but I hope it will look better than it did before.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, catch you soon.

Rachel xx



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