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Weekly Wrap-Up #23

June 6, 2018

It’s a very exciting week in our house; my sister-in-law is currently en route to visit us from Nigeria for the first time since Amelia was born and I can’t wait for them to meet.

It’ll be later tonight before she gets to ours so Amelia won’t get to see her until tomorrow but knowing they’ll be able to have a cuddle and play together without Facetime is pretty amazing and I just know Amelia is going to be so excited when she wakes up in the morning and there’s a new person here to play and fuss with her.

Does anyone else go on a mad cleaning spree when you have guests coming to stay? We spent all of Saturday morning furiously clearing out the guest room and making it fresh and clean as well as tidying the rest of the house. If this is the effect guests have on my house, we should do it more often.

The best thing about cleaning up before guests is not only is your house super clear, but you find things you thought were lost forever. In February I ordered a wooden bunny decoration for Amelia’s room for Easter, the week before Easter I lost it. I was gutted and was convinced it had accidentally been thrown away.

Well, we only went and bloody found it; in a bag in a drawer in the spare room. No change I was going to find it there but it’s not hanging proudly in her room and I’ll be making the best use of it next Easter. If I don’t lose it again before then…

It’s by a company I found on Instagram called Fox + Weave and they make beautiful handmade wooden decorations for all sorts of occasions.

To make up for a really boring morning we spent the afternoon playing with bubbles, going out in the garden although she wouldn’t give any attention to her swing (money well spent) and having a pretend food picnic in the conservatory.

I loved her little outfit on Saturday; the top was new from Next and I bought it to go with some harem trousers but they’re currently too big for her so I teamed it with these Sainsbury’s shorts (the ones she has aren’t on the website anymore but these are similar) and her new Asda jelly shoes that were inspired by a pair I was TheMamaEdits little girl wearing on Insta earlier in the week.

I’m not sure I’m so obsessed with putting her in white tops at the moment because it’s so impractical but I just think it looks so lovely. So much so that I did it again on Sunday.

By some small miracle, both tops survived the weekend and nothing major was split on them. Oh, and yes, that is her lunch plate on the floor because after sitting nicely at the table for a while she decided she wanted to sit on the floor to eat. Don’t ask!

More garden time on Sunday afternoon with my parents after a quick dash around Gunwharf in the morning. I really wanted a pair of soft sliders to potter around the house and run out on errands. I didn’t find any sliders but I did pick up a super lightweight pair of Nike flipflops that I think will do the job.

I’ve always struggled with flipflops because I find the bar rubs between my toes and gives me blistered, these are super cute though so I’m going to stick with them and see if I can wear them in. I totally wasn’t swayed in the store because they perfectly match my nail colour, this was the only colour they had in my size, honest.

We ate lunch outside, played with more bubbles, and she actually sat at her little table for ages colouring and drawing with us.

(P.S. – that Pepsi bottle is mine, not Amelia’s)

I was so grateful for sitting and colouring, it was crazy hot in the afternoon and I find it exhausting with her in the heat. Constantly checking her for sun cream and trying to keep her in the shade, making sure she has enough water and doesn’t hurt herself outside. It was lovely to just sit in the shade and watch her be creative.

My hand showed her how to trace your hand on to paper and she’s been practising it all afternoon; she’s not remotely close to getting it right but she’s putting her hand on the paper and making marks between her fingers so she knows what she’s trying to do. Very proud Mama moment when she did that for the first time.

So, that’s been our week. I’m sure I’ll bring you some Auntie updates next week, eeek I can’t wait.

Rachel xx

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