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Weekly Wrap-Up #22

May 30, 2018

I know it said this time but I bloody love a bank holiday weekend; three day weekends should definitely be a thing all the time. We were expecting a washout and I know that some people had terrible weather and flooding so I hope you’re okay if you were affected.

Whilst we had a big storm overnight on Saturday we didn’t have the rain during the days as we were forecast and it actually turned out to be a baking hot sunny weekend which is always welcome.

We decided to invest in some more garden toys for Amelia this week and my hubby found a swing in our local T K Maxx reduced from £70 in Argos to only £40 and we decided to set it up on Saturday morning since the weather was nice and dry. It was a lot harder than we expected and Kev ended up doing almost all of it on his own as I was trying to keep Amelia away from the tools and small screws but she just wanted to see what Daddy was doing all the time.

It took about an hour to build and I think she played in it for about 10 minutes which is about right with kids isn’t it, she loved it though and I love that we can just pop to garden for a little play whenever we want and it doesn’t matter if she only plays out there for a few minutes, we don’t far to go to get home.

Sunday was a lovely day for us, my parents came over to babysit Amelia so that Kev and I could go to the cinema to watch Deadpool 2. No spoilers but if you enjoyed the first one then you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

I think I actually enjoyed this one more than the first because I sort of knew what to expect with the style of film and humour which took me a little by surprise in the first one. I was also super proud of myself for not indulging in cinema snacks which if I’m honest is sometimes more of an excitement than the film itself but as I mentioned in my previous post; I’m getting back on track with my weight loss and so I bought a Boots low-calorie meal deal beforehand and snuck it in my handbag to eat during the film. I felt bloody great doing that!

We rounded off the day with a trip to a pub that we’ve always enjoyed but didn’t realise was quite so close to our house as we’ve never used the back roads. It wasn’t how we remembered though, the service was dim and the food was rubbish so we won’t be in a hurry to go back there but it was nice to finish off the day altogether.

We got to spend some unexpected time with Amelia too that night as she had absolutely no intention of going to sleep in her horribly hot room so she was up playing with us until about 10 pm when it cooled down enough for her to settle.

I kinda feel like I don’t want to revisit Monday; if you saw my Instagram post you’ll know it was not a great day. It started well; just a normal trip to do the food shopping at Aldi and Amelia was absolutely starving for some unknown reason.

She just wanted to eat everything and I had to buy more snacks in the supermarket to keep her happy in the car. After her recent stint of eating nothing, I wasn’t complaining at all.

I don’t know if it was the heat, a crash from all the food she’d eaten that morning or just being overtired but our trip to town and Tesco ended in the mother of all meltdowns. Almost an hour it lasted; she cried, screamed, kicked, slapped, threw herself and everything around her on the floor, would definitely have been under a car if I hadn’t been holding her arm so tightly and by the end of it she had me in tears walking around Tesco wondering what the hell happened to my sweet little girl.

Suddenly the screaming stopped and everything went quiet…

Yes, she’s sleep slumped over the handlebar. I was partly thinking ‘thank God for that’ and also partly thinking ‘oh God I have to get her to the car now’. Luckily she was so gone she didn’t even notice me put her in the car or carry her into the house.

Her little butter wouldn’t melt face staring at me when we got home was enough to almost make me forgive her on the spot.

She must have slept it off because she was back to her lovely self when she woke up from her nap but the whole thing left me completely drained and exhausted all day.

She must have sensed something wasn’t quite right because she was very cuddly in the afternoon and just wanted to sit on my lap to read books, which I’m 100% okay with!

Yesterday was a special Tuesday because Amelia had a special visitor to collect her from nursery; my mum came over for dinner after work whilst my Dad went to The Rolling Stones gig in Southampton and Amelia was super excited to have her Nana around for the evening.

It was also lovely to have her here to play with Amelia whilst I prepared dinner and they spent time playing with stickers, reading and doing some colouring.

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and I’m going to be that typical Brit and say I’m so glad it’s cooled down so that my baby can sleep properly again.

Rachel xx

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