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Weekly Wrap-Up #21

May 23, 2018

Do you ever have one of those weekends that’s so perfect you don’t want it to end? Not all weekends can  be like that because you know boring life admin takes up a lot of time but this weekend was one of those extra special ones for me.

Friday saw my little princess dress up for nursery to celebrate the Royal wedding; I couldn’t find a princess dress for her as no where seemed to have her size but after a little encouragement I did get her to wear a tiara.

This was the only photo I managed to snap where she wasn’t giving me full on toddler sass and refusing to play ball for the camera. Wasn’t it so much easier to take photos of them because they developed their own personality and free will.

Here she is in all her sass:

On Friday evening I made last minute plans with our friends Hannah and Kirsty to get up early and take the littles to feed the ducks in a local woodland park. I love last minute plans like that because there isn’t time for life to get in the way and cancel them.

We met at the park at 9.30am on Saturday morning and headed into the park to find some ducks, there were loads of them and one was vert friendly wanting to come right up to us and eat out of Tupperware boxes. At first Amelia was so scared of it she grabbed my leg and hid behind it which is something I thought only children in sitcoms did but after a little while she got used to it being around us and started to point and wave to it.

The views around the lake were beautiful even though it was early in the morning and it was the perfect time to walk around because it wasn’t too hot.

After feeding the ducks we went to a new play park which is not my favourite place to take Amelia because she loved it so much she actually cried when we had to leave to go home and watch the wedding.

We even shared an ice cream which is the first time she’s shown any interest in them, previously she has always turn away from ice cream when we offer it her and I totally didn’t expect her to even try it let alone want more and more.

You’ll notice she’s wear red white and blue in honour of Great Britain on a special day, I thought the tiara was a bit overkill for a trip to the park so we added her Little French Beau red bow to complete the look and make her truly patriotic.

I’m not going to talk too much about the wedding as I’m people are sick of it all by now but all I’ll say is I’m so glad I watched it, it was beautiful, the bride was beyond stunning and it made me so proud to be British.

After the BBC coverage ended and Amelia had woken up from her nap we went back to the park we found in the morning with my hubby so Amelia could play again, I felt guilty dragging her away in the morning when she was enjoying playing with her friend Zeffie.

How cool is this swing by the way; I think it is designed for children with disabilities but it was big enough for us each to sit in with Amelia so we could swing together which is really sweet.

Sunday was more family time with my Mum and Dad coming over visit; we had planned to go back to the park again but decided to create a park in our back garden and bought a play slide from Asda in the morning.

It was a hit and she spent most of the afternoon either pushing her teddies down the slide or pushing the slide itself along the grass like a walker. She hasn’t quite grasped how to climb the steps yet but I think after the bank holiday she’ll have the hang of it.

We ate lunch outside, had more ice creams and even took a football to the park for a little kick about and to wave at some local dogs on their walks.

I can honestly say that it was one of the best weekends we’ve had in a while, we didn’t do anything extraordinary or spend any money (other than the cost of the slide) but we spent quality time all together, in the sunshine. Maybe it was the feel good factor of seeing friends and family, maybe it was a joy of a beautiful wedding I don’t know but it was perfect and I wish every weekend could feel like that come Monday morning.

Rachel xx

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