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Weekly Wrap-Up #20

May 16, 2018

Does anyone else find that the weekend after a bank holiday weekend just seems to fly by; it’s like what happened to my extra day of chill and fun? We’ve had a pretty relaxed week but we did have a lovely weekend spent with friends that I don’t get to see as often as I would like.

Saturday was spent at home playing in her newly cleaned and organised playroom; same toys, slightly different arrangement and it was like a whole new world of excitement for her so that’s a good tip to remember next time she seems bored of all her toys.

I’d like to take a moment here to explain that the socks with sandals were her daddy’s doing, I was out of the house having my eyebrows waxed and had nothing to do with this fashion decision.

Saturday afternoon was spent chatting and catching up with my friends that I haven’t seen socially since my birthday in March and since then there has been some VERY exciting news and I was too impatient to wait anymore so we all hung out at home in Amelia’s playroom whilst she watched us suspiciously and brought us toys to hold for her.

Sunday was a special day; it was my colleagues baby shower and Amelia came along with me to celebrate. I learnt a lot about my daughter on Sunday; I learnt that she’s frightened of the power hoses and the men who cleaned the car at the car wash and that she’s really very scared of dogs.

I knew she wasn’t keen on dogs because she always tried to back away from them and says “no no no” when they come too close but I thought she might be alright after a little while around a very small friendly chihuahua that was tiny enough to fit in your hand but nope, she fussed and whined every time it came near he.

To be fair, the dog was tiny to us but I’m sure it must have looked big to Amelia, especially when it tried to jump up and was almost as tall as she was, needless to say, she spent all afternoon sitting on my lap shouting “no no no” everytime the poor thing came near our chair; which was all the time due to the amount of crumbs on the floor around our feet.

The Baby shower was lovely, we say outside in the garden and played games; decorating baby grows with pens and glitter; Amelia managed to spill an entire put of glittery stars all over the floor which the dog ate so now it’ll have glitter poop for a week (sorry Jem) and we had a lovely afternoon tea in the sunshine.

The week before I had picked up a new t-shirt for Amelia in Sainsbury’s and I loved it, she wore it on Sunday but I couldn’t get a photo of her in it before she has spilt cake and rubbed felt tip pens all over herself so you’ll have to excuse the state of her but the top is too cute not to share.

It’s current range in Sainsbury’s, here’s the link to it: Melon Tee this one only goes up to age 18-24 months but there is an almost identical one on their website that goes from age 3 to 14.

It’s been a good week for me too; I’ve decided to give some exercise a go for the first time in many many years and it’s kicking my butt but it feels good too. You know that energy boost you get after a workout, yeah that’s what’s keeping me going at the moment and it’s been a long long time since I had that kind of boost so I’m liking it.

I’ve decided to start off easy and follow the 7 minute routine on a workout app on my phone, I think it’s a version of HIIT and although it’s only 7 minutes (well 7 mins 58 secs actually) it’s hard when you get started and I’m so sweaty and exhausted but it’s a start and it’s better than doing nothing right.

This week Amelia has a princess day at nursery to celebrate the Royal wedding so I’ve bought her a little tiara that she’s currently refusing to wear but hopefully, she’ll be on board by Friday and I can get a cute photo of her before we leave the house.

Are you doing anything with your children to celebrate the Royal wedding at the weekend?

Rachel xx

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