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Weekly Wrap-Up #19

May 9, 2018

Does anything make you happier than a bank holiday weekend and a short week at work, add the gorgeous sunshine we’ve had and it’s been a perfect week. We’ve had some lovely family time this week too which always make me super happy because I just love seeing Amelia with her Nana and Grandad.

The wonderful weather has meant Amelia has been getting her summer wardrobe out and is finally out of layers for the first proper time this year. I popped to our local giant Next store one evening in the week because I knew it was going to be a scorcher and I only have jeans that fit me; no chance I’m baking alive in denim all weekend so I bought myself some light harem pants and couldn’t resist a look in the children department. I really shouldn’t have gone there because I could have bought everything but Next is so expensive for children’s clothes that I just bought her one play-suit that she is going to live in over summer I love it so much.

I might have also picked up this amazing ‘good vibes’ tee that I’m now a little obsessed with and will be wearing all summer long too.

Saturday night was very special this week, one of my friends from work got married and I was invited to her reception along with my other work colleagues. The venue was amazing, the bride and groom looked stunning and the weather had us sitting outside chatting and eating and drinking all night.

I wore the dress I wore to my friend’s wedding last year and it fit so much better this time; someone even asked me if it was from Ted Baker which made me very happy because I can assure you it was not (I don’t think Ted Baker sell a single thing that would me). I’ve also been in a bit of a weird place my hair lately, I’ m not sure if I still like it. Some days I love the colours and others I hate it. Sometimes it feels long and straggly and other days it just does exactly what I want. I’m unsure whether to change it or not at the moment but I did love it on Saturday night, thank the Lord it went well as I was in a rush getting ready and I rethink
whether I like it or not. Opinions welcome in the comments friends.

We had the best day on Sunday; we took Amelia to a riverside park to enjoy some sunshine and play in the grass. She walked her bike (she doesn’t love riding it, she likes to push it) along the waterfront, whatever makes her happy I guess and she pointed and waved at every dog and duck we saw.

She even had a go at feeding the ducks and clapped every time her piece of bread landed in the water. Her little face was so happy when the ducks ate her bread and we will definitely be feeding the ducks again soon because she loved it so much.

Our idea of sitting the grass and playing with her football didn’t quite go to plan, she was more interested in walking back and forth to the public bin putting broken sticks and clumps of grass in the bin. We tried so hard to encourage her to play with us or to sit on the blanket with her toys but she was more interested in pulling grass but again as long as she’s happy that’s all that matters.

We had a little doggy breakthrough as well on Sunday, at the pub where we stopped for tea there were two supper fluffy little pom dogs. Amelia kept waving to them and shouting hello so Kev took her over to say hi. The owners told us one was grumpy but the other was really friendly, it looked so fluffy almost like a teddy bear dog and she actually touched it, on the chest. She touched the dog! Normally she freaks out when they get too close and starts shouting no no no but she touched it. We were so proud of her and I’m sure it was because it didn’t look like a real dog.

Monday was a chilled out kinda day; well as chilled out as you can be with a toddler that doesn’t want to eat or sleep and just wants to be carried around in 27 degrees weather. We played a little in the street outside our house and Amelia learnt to blow the seeds on dandelions which she thought was the best thing ever. She also took her teddy for a stroll in her walker as well as collecting stones to carry in her walker as we went.

She just loved being outside near the grass and flowers, I asked her a couple of times if she wanted to go inside and she kept saying no so we stayed out in the sun playing in the grass. I hope that as she grows up she’s one of those children who loves to play outdoors, I’ll encourage her to go out whenever the weather is nice because I think fresh air is so important for little ones.

Did you guys have a lovely bank holiday weekend? What did you all get up to? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear about your adventures.

Rachel xx

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