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Weekly Wrap-Up #18

May 2, 2018

This weekend has been one I have been looking forward to for ages; it was Avenger’s weekend and don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers in this post; who does that anyway!

I have been looking forward to this film for months; we don’t go to the cinema much these days because it requires either a day off at work or my parents to watch Amelia whilst we go but there are some films that you just have to make the effort for and this was one of them.

After a quiet morning at home that included a two-hour nap (praise the sleep God) we dropped Amelia at my parents for the after so she could play with them whilst we went out for our day date.

She just has the best time with her Nana and Grandad and when we got back to their house it looked like a toy store had exploded in their living room but it’s so lovely to watch her play and explore in their house. One of her favourite things is to play my old piano, she loves to sit on the stool and bang out some notes as loud as she can. Sorry neighbours.

She’s still in love with her little bike but rather than ride it herself she wants her dolly to ride it and she will push her around. The concentration on her face whilst she’s trying to get her dolly to balance on the seat is incredible and credit to her she doesn’t give up either.

We’ve had four new teeth pop through this week and she’s been so good about it bless her. They’re towards the front, the third ones on all sides as she’s had a little gap there for the last couple of months since her molars broke through. You can just about make them out in the next photo but they’re cute and make her look like she’s almost got a full mouth of teeth when she smiles now.

All in all, it’s been a quiet week for us which has just been perfect. Sometimes I worry that I won’t have anything to share with you if we don’t spend the week running around like madmen going here there and everywhere but sometimes you just need a really quiet spell to recharge at home and that’s perfectly okay.

To finish things off this week, here’s a snap of Amelia thinking it’s 1998 and she’s the coolest kid on the block.

Thanks so much for joining us, I hope you’ve had a lovely week too. See you next time.

Rachel xx

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