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Weekly Wrap-Up #17

April 25, 2018

It’s been another week of unpredictable British spring; it’s been hotter than Dubai (apparently) and we’ve had all mighty storm over the weekend just to make sure we remember that sunshine comes at a price in this country.

Amelia has had an exciting week too, she’s had the chance to embrace her curls in all their glory thanks to the hair fairies making her curls look beautiful with minimal effort from me. It’s all down to the Cantu shampoo and leave-in conditioner we’ve now been using for over a month and it’s made such a difference to the quality of her curls. She has ringlets where once there was only frizz.

To her delight, her hair drops on to her face and tickles her when she moves, she’s learning she can pull her ringlets and let go and they will ping and bounce around which is adorable and it’s so lovely not to have to scrape her hair back into a bobble all the time.

She’s had a chance to wear some of her beautiful sundresses too whilst the weather was so lovely over the weekend; I can’t help but feel like some clothes should be for best but when you’re 18 months old a Saturday shopping trip with your Nana really is the best occasion so full on summer party dress it was.

This dress is actually the current season in Asda and is on their website, which never happens so here’s the link if you like it, summer dress.

It’s so much fun when your kids move into the next size clothes isn’t it, I mean not for your bank balance of course but because you can go out and fill their wardrobe again with shiny new clothes because well, you know, you have to. The same has been said this week for her shoes too.

She’s outgrown all of her current shoes so over the weekend my mum and I took her to get her feet measured and found that she’s gone up a size. We picked her up a couple of new pairs in the Clarks sale (pink shoes, blue sandals) and I’ve definitely not been out and bought more shoes and sandals since, that’s definitely not something that happened…

I’ve been totally loving these lighter evenings too, when we get home from work we have enough daylight and warmth to spend a little time in the garden before dinner. Amelia isn’t 100% convinced by her new football but she loves to play with the grass and flowers and the fresh air is good for all of us.

You might have seen on my Instagram last week that I took a day off work to take Amelia to the weigh-in clinic as she’s not been weighed since I returned to work. Well, last week the clinic wasn’t on because I was looking at the wrong dates so I took Tuesday off again this week to actually go to the clinic.

We had a lovely day together, Amelia was treated to a little surprise playtime with Grandad and we went to the park with her new Scuttle Bug bike and football. She picked flowers, played hide and seek and saw a squirrel and a cat which she wouldn’t go anywhere near but was quite happy to wave at from the swings.

The clinic was a success, apart from the pouring rain we had to walk home in but in terms of getting her weighed, I’m so glad I went. She is a perfect weight for her size and is running exactly along the line in her book that she has already followed since birth and the health visitor that I spoke to reassured me that I have nothing to worry about and although she doesn’t eat a lot at home she’s clearly getting everything she needs from what she does eat.

Thank you so much for joining us on this weekly update, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week too. What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments? I love to read about you guys and your adventures.

Rachel xx

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