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Weekly Wrap-Up #16

April 18, 2018

I’ve decided to change things up with these Wednesday posts a little; I’m not sure you guys were really feeling the kiddie outfit posts and they were more like weekly updates than fashion posts anyway so it just seems right to officially change the title of these posts going forward. I hope you will like this new Wednesday tradition.

This week has finally seen some Spring weather come our way; at least it has down in the South and I hope it’s been the same where you are. I was so excited to see some sunshine at the weekend that I convinced the hubby we should go to the beach with Amelia for the first time.

We’re so s lucky to have the seaside only 10 mins drive away and whilst it’s not a sandy beach it’s still the seaside and it’s beautiful to be near the water and feel the fresh air. Not that Amelia went anywhere near the water; she didn’t like the stones underfoot and when I asked her if she wanted to go and look at the sea she said no so her first trip to the beach was really just a trip to a promenade and an obscenely busy play park.

She had a lot of firsts on Saturday; her first trip to the beach, her first time properly up close with dogs which she didn’t enjoy at all and her first time riding her bike. We picked it up for her that morning and I wasn’t entirely convinced she would take to it but she loved it. She rode that little thing up and down the promenade; she’s better at going backwards than forwards and would much rather you pushed her along but with enough encouragement will do it by herself.

We had the best family day, it didn’t cost us a penny and we got to enjoy quality time and some so very much needed warm air. It was also a brilliant chance to get some super cute family photos in amazing sunlight and I’m a bit obsessed with them.

Thank you so much for joining me on this new Wednesday update, I hope you like this style of post but please let me know if you would prefer to have the outfit posts back please let me know in the comments.

Rachel xx

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