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Toddler Summer Essentials

June 29, 2018

We’ve been promised a scorching couple of weeks ahead thanks to a Spanish heat wave heading our way so I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the items I rely on when we go out and about with Amelia in the sunshine.

I have to be so careful when we’re out not to forget about myself too as I find I’m so busy making sure she has enough sun cream on, she’s not getting too hot, she’s had enough water that I forget to look after myself and can end up totally heat exhausted by the end of the day but I’ve found some things that really make my life easier, so here they are:

Sun Hat

We have a lot of fun trying to get Amelia’s sun hat to stay on, it’s not that she takes it off herself but more that she has so much hair under it that it works its way off and just blows away.

I tried to get her a cap this summer thinking it might hold her hair a bit better but it wouldn’t fit on her head, it was hilarious seeing the peak of the cap just stuck up in the air with all her hair spilling out from underneath so I decided to rebuy the classic sun hat I had bought for her the year before from Asda when she was much smaller and had less hair.

Sun Glasses

I love her little sunglasses; when I chose them I wanted someone neutral that would match with all her outfits so I went for these white daisy ones from Marks and Spencer. She loves putting them on and off, it took her ages to get the hang of it and she definitely poked herself in the eyes a few times but now she can do it on her own and will spend more time putting them on and off than actually wearing them.

When she does decide to wear them properly though she’s very good at keeping them on and often asks for them if she sees me wearing mine.

Jelly Shoes

I’m not sure what it is about babies and toddlers in jelly shoes but I’m a little bit in love with them. Amelia has two pairs this summer and I think I will be buying them for her until she’s a teenager and tells me I’m embarrassing her.

Her main pair are by Igor and we got them from John Lewis, they weren’t cheap but they have been worth every penny. She’s loved them and always asks to wear them, they’re supportive with proper soles and the inside sole is removable so you can wash them and they come out brand new.

Aldi Lacura Sun Cream

Before having a child I had no idea there was so much to know about sun cream, that a high factor and well know brand name didn’t mean it was the best protection.

In fact, as we all now know, some of the big brands are coming up very short when it comes to UV protection. For that reason, I swear by the Lacura factor 50 sun cream from Aldi, because not only is it a high factor but it also has a 5 star UV protection rating which is the highest level possible and means that it’s actually one of the best creams at protecting skin from UV rays.

I’ve been using it on Amelia since her first summer and I even use it on myself since I’m so pale and burn so easily that factor 50 on me just means I don’t have to worry about my own skin whilst I’m so busy worrying about hers.

Munchkin Sippy Cup

Just like most parents, we have had our fair share of sippy cups, some she will use and others are relegated to the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day. Her favourite cup is her Munchkin one which has a weighted straw that moves around in the cup so that even if she tips the cup up she will still be able to get the water out.

I love this cup, it’s easy to clean, she always gets the water from it and it was the first cup she learnt to use a straw.

Making sure she has enough water when we’re out in the sun or even just when we’re at home on a hot day is so important and I never have to worry when we have this cup with us because she loves to use it.

Those are my 5 summer essentials when we go out in the sun and even when we stay at home and play in the garden, what are you must haves for this time of year?

Rachel xx


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