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March 23, 2018

How long is it acceptable to keep calling your child’s room a nursery? Is it still a nursery when your baby is 17 months old or is just their bedroom now?

I’m still calling it a nursery I think because Amelia still sleeps in her cot with the sides on, maybe when we take the sides off and it becomes a bed it’ll make the room feel more like a bedroom than a nursery.

Anyhoo, whatever you call it; it’s the most precious room in the house and the one I take the most pride in which is kind of ridiculous because Amelia doesn’t understand or care and hardly anyone else ever goes in there but I just want it to always be perfect for her.

I love seeing other people’s nursery tour posts so the other day we had lovely sunshine and I decided to take some photos of her room to share with you all what it looks like; you’ll probably notice some parts of the room from my other photos.

Her room has the best light in the house and because I always try to keep it tidy it’s the best place to take photos.

The colour theme for Amelia’s nursery was completely accidental, I bought some bunting from B&M that was pink with white dots on a mint green string. I knew I wanted it to go in her nursery when we started to decorate and just like that, her colour theme was created.

I didn’t want her room to be overly pink either which is why I chose green curtains and added pink accents in elsewhere.

I love this glider chair; we’ve had since before Amelia was born and during maternity leave I didn’t really make use of it. I used it for night feeds but once those stopped I never sat in it. I used to do all the feeds in the living room where I could be with Kev or watch TV but since returning to work we use this chair every single day.

It’s where we sit together in the morning and have milk and snuggle before it’s time to rush and get ready for work and nursery. I actually don’t know what I would do in the mornings without this chair.

Amelia is obsessed with her ladder shelves, her favourite activity is to pull everything off onto the floor, read a couple of pages of her books and then walk away and leave me to put it all back. These shelves we actually had already in the house, they used to be in our living room but they’re so much better suited to her room that I can’t even imagine them being in the lounge anymore.

I love this drawer unit, it’s a hemnes set from Ikea but we switched up the handles withg these white and gold flower ones we found in T K Maxx and I think it completely changes the look of the whole thing.

Changing handles is definitely something I would do with Ikea furniture again, it makes it feel more expensive and sort of one of a kind.

The painting that hangs above the unit was made by my best friend, it’s a scene from Wind in the Willows and we framed it and hung it in Amelia’s room, I love it there and it’s given a handmade painting a new lease of life in a new home.

Probably the most important part of the nursery is the cot; I love this one because it’s simple and it matches everything else even though none of it was bought together.

Amelia is still using her sleepyhead grand for all her naps and night time sleeping, she’s old enough to have a pillow and duvet now but she sleeps so well in her sleepyhead and we paid so much money for it I want to get as must use out of it as possible. I also think that since she sleeps so well in it, why change it.

That’s everything we have in Amelia’s nursery; it’s not the biggest room but it’s not tiny either and we’ve been able to get just the right pieces of furniture in there for her. I can’t wait till she’s a little older and she can sit and play in there and enjoy spending time in her special space we’ve created for her.

If you’re interested in any of the items in the nursery, I’ll leave some links below:

Cotbed frame; bought from Gumtree but here’s a link to something similar: Cotbed

Sleepyhead Grand

Dressing gown; My 1st Years

Cotbed blanket is reversible with a beautiful bird print on the other side; aden + anais

Glider chair; free on facebook but here’s something similar: Chair 

Handmade dolly on the windowsill is a custom order from BearandBoop

Changing table; bought from Gumtree but here’s a link to something similar: Table

Ladder shelves; The Futon Company

Baby grow teddy bear; Grace’s Creations

Hemnes drawers; Ikea

Curtains; Dun Elm Mill

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little nursery tour, I love looking back at older photos to see how much her room has changed as she’s gotten older and as we’ve moved into new routines and I think the current set up is my favourite.

Rachel xx

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