To The Park And Pub

April 11, 2017

I’ve lived in my town for six years and there are still places I had no idea existed, just a stones through from the town centre there’s a beautiful water front with boats, swans, kayakers, grassy fields and a play park. I had no idea, it was like being in the middle of the countryside or down by the coast but it was only a 30 min walk from my house.

 After the success of the baby swings at the farm last week, my friend and I decided to take the girls to try them again with the promise of a pub lunch afterwards. You don’t have to ask me twice…

Amelia loved the swings again, she smiled right from the start this time feeling much more comfortable with the whole thing. She also joined her buddy Zeffie on the seesaw too. It’s so wonderful to see such joy on little faces and it really is the simplest of things that make them happy. Just being out in the fresh air and warm sunshine is so good for them and we’re both so lucky that our girls are a dream when we go out.

After playing in the park and almost falling asleep in the swings, Amelia likes the rocking motion and it was just too much for her, we headed to the pub garden for lunch. It was so lovely to sit outside, enjoy the warmth and watch the babies staring at all the other people eating their lunches. They are both so inquisitive and would much rather look at everyone else than pay attention to boring mum.

It’s been another wonderful day and I am so enjoying seeing Amelia grow and flourish and watch her enjoy all these new experiences.

Rachel xx



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