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10 Things I’ve Learnt From Instagram

April 3, 2017

Does anyone even remember what you did before Instagram existed? I mean what was the point in taking photos anyway? Here are some of the things I’ve learnt from Instagram…

It’s okay to procrastinate as long as you add “But First…” to whatever you’re doing.

There’s a different theme for each day of the week; Motivation Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Follow Friday, Selfie Saturday, SundayFunday.

It really isn’t possible to lose pounds as quickly as you lose followers.

Laying all your stuff on the floor is actually considered an art form.

You can pretty much say whatever you want as long as you use a #

People are really into watermelons.

If something is good, it’s referred to as “life”.

You can take photos of anything as long as you add the letters “fie” – Selfie, Belfie, Shoefie, Shelfie…

White, everything must be white; bedding, walls, tiles, candles, flowers…

If you didn’t take a photo of it then you didn’t really eat it.

What have you learnt from Instagram?

Rachel xx

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