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May 26, 2017

As a mum I’ve never been more happy that backpacks are back in fashion. Remember when they were just to carry your school books, well not anymore. The backpack is back and it means business. Perfect for those hot sunny days when you want to take a picnic to the park or bundle all the kids in the car and drive to the beach. There’s a backpack to suit every occasion from business sleek to festival fun.

Not only are this summers backpacks super cute and stylish but they can carry so much stuff and when you have a small human who requires the entire contents of the house just to travel to the shops this can be a lifesaver. One of the pitfalls of carrying a traditional nappy bag can be the accidental pram tip up if you over fill your bag and can’t balance the weight of it with your tiny person. Normal bags can also be very heavy and hard to carry if you find yourself also carrying a child home when their legs are tired or they’ve had enough walking for one day.

This is where a backpack can come in super handy, not only can you pack the whole world in them, you can just fling it on your back and off you go. Leaving more space on the pram for other shopping or allowing your hands and arms to be free to carry or walk with your child. Not to mention you’ve got two hands for browsing in shops (priorities right).

Since backpacks have become so popular lately, here are a few of my favourites from the high street, click the images to shop the styles:

Rachel xx

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