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Teething Necklaces Are My New Go-To Accessory

April 19, 2017


When you think about shopping for your baby you might not realise that something can be baby friendly but also super cute for mama too. As an avid jewellery lover I can’t consider my outfit complete without a necklace but unfortunately these days I have little curious hands grabbing and pulling everything in sight.

For that reason my delicate jewels are all kept away and my teething necklaces are now my go to accessories. I love that Amelia can grab them, pull them, put them in her mouth and she can chew on them to her hearts content without fear of them breaking or hurting her.

Teething necklaces are great for so many reasons; they can provide relief from sore gums, keep your baby occupied whilst your carrying or holding them, if like Amelia your baby drops or throws everything she holds these are great because they are around your neck and can’t be thrown on the floor, they’re also great for breast feeding mamas too. The beads capture your baby’s attention and give their hands something to do (other than scratch at your boobs) whilst they feed and this can encourage them to feed for longer without getting distracted.

They look great even when you go out without baby, I still wear mine regardless and because there are so many different designs to choose from you can have a different style for every outfit.

Currently I have three necklaces, very different in style and colour so that I can change them up to suit my outfit for the day; my white and pink October Birthstone necklace was sent to me by Hexnex Jewellery, my grey and green Elizabeth necklace I purchased from Bo&Bel and my most recent addition is my Isla Blossom necklace by MamaandBelle, which arrived just last week.

These amazing products are designed for babies but secretly I think mums love them even more, I know I do.

Rachel xx



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    April 19, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Thanks for this post Rach! I just ordered one from Mama and Belle. I’m really excited for it to arrive, El is going to love it.

  • Rachel Ebuehi
    Rachel Ebuehi
    April 19, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Brilliant Emma, I am sure El is going to love it as much as you will. Xx

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