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Taya Louise \\ Two Months Update

April 4, 2019

Our little babe turned 8 weeks on Monday but today is 2 months by the calendar so it’s time for another update.

The last four weeks have been a mixture of highs and some pretty rubbish lows. Taya has been through a growth spurt that lasted for about 2 weeks and meant she was cluster feeding for hours in the evenings. She would start around 5/6pm right through to 10/11pm at night.

If she wasn’t feeding or dozing on my shoulder she was screaming and my god was she screaming. It was relentless and so I ended up spending most evenings shut away watching Netflix feeding her constantly. I know this is normal but it very challenging when you have a toddler who needs her dinner and a bath and to get to bed. Let’s not even mention having my own dinner…

It didn’t last forever though and we’ve come out the other side of it all now and although she would much prefer to be on me during the evening having cuddles I am able to put her down for dinner which has been lovely.

She’s completely outgrown her newborn clothes and now in her 0-3months wardrobe, most of which is Amelia’s old things and it’s so interesting to see how much bigger Taya is at this point. There are some outfits Amelia was almost 3 months old before she could wear them but Taya fits in them perfectly already. I won’t be at all surprised if she doesn’t outgrow them before she reaches 3 months at this rate.

I had her weighed by the health visitor when she was 6 weeks old and she was 10lb 1oz but that was 2 weeks ago now, she’s still following her 50% line perfectly so everyone is happy that her weight gain is going well.

Recently I’ve started to introduce her to some of her toys, mainly her playmat and a few sensory toys, she kicks her legs and hits things with her arms which is great. She’s making all sort of noises with the toys and she will turn her head to follow the sounds when I move things around but she gets overwhelmed after a few minutes so we’re keeping it short and sweet at the moment.

We’ve also had one of my favourite moments ever with babies; the first smiles. You know, the ones that aren’t just wind. Her smile is the sweetest little thing in the whole world and she’s started to make little babbling noises as well. It’s so lovely to hear her voice without it being a cry and I’m making sure to encourage her to keep chatting away whenever I hear her making noises.

Another big momentous thing that happened this month is that Taya took a dummy! If you’ve seen my Instagram lately you’ll know how happy I am about this. I tried every single brand on the market and was getting pretty desperate for her to just accept one to give my boobs a break and I was over the moon when she finally decided to take it. I’ve been encouraging her to use it for comfort between feeds and it’s made a huge difference, she’s sleeping better during the day and seems much calmer because of it.

Amelia is still completely smitten with her little sister, wanting to play with her and she always asks to give her a kiss before she goes to bed which is so adorable. I can’t wait for Taya to be at an age where she can interact with Amelia and return some of that love.

In the last couple of days I’ve started to introduce a bed time routine for Taya, it’s hit and miss at the moment but I’ve successfully managed to get into her cot in the bedroom and asleep by 7.30pm for two nights in a row now. This will be the last time because I’ve definitely jinxed by writing this but I’m hopeful we can make this a proper routine for her and gradually I want to bring her bedtime forward because 7.30pm is still too late but slowly slowly and we will get there.

I think that’s about all for this month, I almost can’t believe another month has gone by but at the same time, those cluster feeding days felt like they lasted a lifetime. Here’s to another month of smiles and babbles and more playtime.

Rachel xx

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