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Taya Louise // Ten Months Update

December 4, 2019

Another month gone by; how is it December already? How is my tiny baby girl about to celebrate her first Christmas? 

We’ve had another lovely month but I think December is going to by favourite by far, it’s feeling very festive in our house and I can’t wait for all the fun and outfits and celebrations. I kicked things off this year with some Christmas themed sensory play, we bought some tinsel and twinkly lights and let her play with them. It was really sweet, she mostly just tried to eat everything and I’m still finding bits of tinsel around the house. 


Over the last month she’s had her first proper cold which wiped her out for about a week, she was an absoloute mess of snot and watery eyes, coughing her little lungs out and not really having much interest in anything but she’s been making up for lost time since she started feeling better.

She’s been to the garden centre to check out all the Christmas lights and decorations, her mind blown by the dark cave where all the lights and trees are on display, we also sat on a throne that Amelia is still convinced is the ACTUAL throne that Elsa has. 

I was asking too much for them to sit together for a nice photo but Amelia did try so I appreciate that. 

We’ve been to soft play a couple of times which she’s enjoying more and more now that she can actually do things and move around. Amelia loves to play with her in the baby section too for a little while before running off with Grandad to do climbing. 


Carrying on from the photo above; I tried putting her hair in little bunches a couple of times. She hates having her hair combed, so much so that if I can get away with it I just leave it until the next bath because she gets so worked up about it. I thought putting it in bunches might prevent it from getting tangled but she won’t sit still for me to put them in and as soon as I’m done she tries to pull them out again so, it was cute that one time. 

Thankfully she’s happy to let me do her hair when she’s in the bath, and by do her hair I obviously mean make her look like a unicorn… 

We’ve also has some progress with her standing, she’s in full sofa surfing swing and can move around the room holding on to the chairs, people’s legs, tables that can’t support her weight and fall on her every single time no matter how many times I try to take her away. 

She actually let go the other day and stood on her own for about 3 seconds before bumping on her bum, she hasn’t don’t it since though so I think it was a fluke. 

She’s also just this week started trying to wave; she’s been able to do it at home for a couple of days but never when we’ve been out. Today though, she waved to a soft toy in Clintons and she gave her first proper wave to one of the ladies at pre school when I went to collect Amelia tonight. 

There have of course been lots of cuddles with her sister, they’re trying to play together now which is really sweet and mostly either ends in Amelia trying to cuddle her to the ground or a little scrap over who’s playing with what and Taya definitely takes it to the next level and starts pulling her sister’s hair. 


Once again I have no idea what she weighs this month because I can’t stand going to the clinic, I’ve had my letter through to book her 10 month review but haven’t gotten around to calling them yet but she eats everything in sight and never stops moving so I’m sure she’s doing just fine.


Rachel xx 


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