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Taya Louise // Six Months Update

August 4, 2019

Six whole months of loving this beautiful funny smiley girl.

I’m pretty sure she was a newborn about 5 minutes ago? I know everyone says the same thing but I genuinely can not believe she’s half a year old already.

Six months feels like a big milestone; things start changing for them and we open up a whole new world of food and eating and having more than just milk which I’m trying to find joy in this time as I was so worried and anxious about it with Amelia that I didn’t really enjoy the first stages of weaning.

Although she turned six months today, I actually gave her the first taste of food on Friday. It felt easier to do it when it was just the two of us and Amelia was at nursery.

She tried some carrot puree from the single flavour pouches by Ella’s Kitchen and also a couple of Tomato and Leek melty puffs.

At first she wasn’t sure at all which is expected and she didn’t want to open her mouth for the spoon. As soon as I let her hold it as well, straight in her mouth it went. I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those babies who wants to do it all herself, which is great. I’ll just have to come to terms with the mess and embrace it.

Now that her first taste of food is done, I feel like we will get really stuck into it. The first one is always a bit scary because you never know how they will respond to the food but Taya loved it and was even trying to suck food off her bib.

I’m sure Amelia is going to love getting involved with feeding her as well, if I can convince her that she has to share the high chair that is.

In the last month we’ve also introduced Taya to the plastic wonderland that is the Jumperoo. It’s definitely one of her new favourite things and since Kev was able to lower it down so her feet don’t need a  cushion she’s been loving it even more.

Now that she is confidently rolling from back to front and on occasion front to back we’ve started practicing her sitting up. She’s been trying for ages but just couldn’t keep her balance, just this last week she’s been able to hold herself up as long as she doesn’t move, look around or get remotely distracted.

So, she falls over a lot.

Practicing her sitting up is now something I’m trying to do with her everyday. Getting down on the floor to sit with her and help her to find her balance, gradually I know she’ll be able to stay upright longer and longer.

She gets lots of practice in at the supermarket too now that she’s graduated to the big seat in the trolley. Up until now I’ve also put her in the plastic bucket seat but she’s been straining so much trying to sit up in it that I decided to give it a go.

I expected her to just fall over or bang her head on the bars and I honestly walked round the shop like a little old lady trying not to throw her off balance but she was completely fine and I think she really enjoyed sitting next to Amelia properly.

The final big thing we’ve done this month is move Taya into Amelia’s room. I wrote a separate post about this here so I won’t go over it all again.

I will say that we’ve had a few set backs, mostly around Taya being unable to settle in the evening and it take between 1-3 hours to get her to sleep. She tends to have no issue falling asleep when I take her up to bed at 6pm but she’s not in a deep enough sleep that Amelia always wakes her up when she goes to bed at 7pm.

Cue endless screaming and crying and umpteen trips up and down stairs trying to settle her.

For the last few days I’ve made the decision to put her back in our room from 6-10pm and then move her into Amelia’s room after her dream feed. This is to help everyone, Kev and I get to cook and actually eat dinner, Taya gets the sleep she needs and Amelia is no longer being kept awake by her screaming.

It’s been working really well (I’ve probably just jinxed it) so I think we’ll stick with this routine for a little longer.

In keeping with the monthly update tradition, I took Taya to be weighed last week and she’s now 16lb 16oz which is actually not a huge gain from a month ago considering how much she had been gaining previously.

She’s still within her growth lines though and I’m sure she’ll be back to big gains again if it turns out she loves her food as much as I think she will.

Rachel xx

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