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Taya Louise // Seven Months Update

September 4, 2019

Something feels different about Taya turning seven months, maybe it’s because she’s now closer to a year than she is to being new which I’ve not really accepted yet but the months are flying by whether I’m okay with it or not.

Most of our time has been taken up with weaning this month, Taya is unstoppable when it comes to food. Maybe that’s why she’s now 19lb already but the health visitors weren’t concerned and said she looked lovely and healthy.

I’ve definitely been more adventurous with her food than I was with Amelia, choosing to give her finger food and boiled veg rather than pouches and purees. She’s obsessed with feeding herself, she will tolerate a spoon if she can hold it and guide it to her mouth but she’s much happier with a plate of food to play, nibble and spill all down herself.

Currently her favourite foods are; baby corn, broccoli, toast, yogurts and fruit pots. We also gave her a slice of lemon and it wasn’t until she tried to bite the peel that she pulled a face.

She’s been playing a lot more now that she can sit up properly on her own. She will lose her balance if she gets distracted by something behind her but generally she’s pretty good at staying upright and playing with her toys and it also means she’s been able to move into the bigger bath without needing any supports. She’s just figuring out that the water can splash, which is adorable but also means I get a bath as well.

To celebrate her six month birthday we took a trip to the seaside (I actually wrote a whole blog post about it and forgot to share it), it was the first time I’d used the carrier for more than popping to nursery and back and it was a really nice way for her to look around and enjoy the view.

She also had her first play in the park; with Kev there to help we were able to let her have a go on the slide and the swings and she absolutely loved it.

We’ve had a few other outings this month as well; a trip to the zoo and to check out the sensory garden at our local city shopping centre.

She 100% ate those pretend flowers every chance she got but it did make for some really cute photos.

One of my new favourite things is that Amelia has been asking to carry Taya. She wants to hold her and take her places, which is lovely but she just can’t because Taya is so heavy. We’ve been practicing with her holding Taya whilst I support her weight and its just the sweetest thing.

She’s also made a new friend this month, her Jellycat bunny and she’s already so in love with it that I’ve had to buy a second one so that I can wash them in an attempt to keep them looking cute and fluffy for as long as possible.

Bunny doesn’t have a name yet, any suggestions?

Rachel xx

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