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Taya Louise // Nine Months Update

November 4, 2019

Nine whole months, she was born at 38+6 weeks which means that yesterday she was earth side for exactly the same amount of time that she was in my tummy. All the emotions! 

Nine months is a huge milestone but it’s a weird one for me this time around. With Amelia, I was getting ready to go back to work with only a few days of maternity leave left. Since I’m taking a year with Taya it still feels like I have loads of time to spend with her. 

She has definitely had a growth spurt this month, I don’t know what she weighs because I felt the clinic really stressful so I’ve not been this month but she’s definitely grown. None of her 6-9month clothes fit her anymore so it’s been time to move up a size. 

Amelia’s old clothes were all in storage but once I opened them up I realised that for the first time the seasons didn’t work out and it was all mostly summer dresses and t-shirts. 

So we had to go shopping, shame! I’m a bit obsessed with her new clothes though and really hope she doesn’t grow too quickly this time so we can wear them all. 

We’ve also spent this whole month in a leap (according to the Wonder Weeks app), it’s been rough going in some areas. She has been flat out refusing every single nappy change or outfit change. 

She screams, kicks, rolls, throws her head around, pulls hair and scratches just in an attempt to not have her nappy changed. It’s resulted in too many instances of poo on her body, clothes and the walls. Too many dunks in the bath because it’s all just gone too far and too many tears from both of us. I’ve gotten to a point were I dread having to change her when I’m on my own. It makes me sweat just knowing that I’m going to have to hold her down like a captured alligator and wrestle her into a clean nappy. 

I tried to create a little play station for her to keep her entertained in the hope she would lie down for a few minutes; it looked good and she did play with it but she didn’t keep still. It just ended up being another thing on the table to cause more chaos. 

Technically she’s out of the cloudy part of the leap now so I’m waiting with my breath held to see if she will settle down about it all but no luck so far. 

We’ve had a crazy busy month with birthday’s and celebrations. Four to be exact. 

We kicked off the month with our friend Harry’s first birthday, the girls were as good as gold although Taya did reduce the birthday boy to tears. I think he remembered what she did to him the last time they were sat together (stole his toys, his socks and his dummy). 

Sorry Harry, she loves you really. 

We had a lovely time though, Taya got to ride in a walker for the first time and she popped a balloon in her face but wasn’t even the slightest bit bothered by it. 

We also managed to get a lovely family photo which anyone with children will know is not an easy task!

A week later it was Amelia’s birthday party. I’ve shared a whole blog post about it here so I won’t go into details on that but Taya handled it so well. She wasn’t fussed at all by all the people and other children in her house. 

Since the party Taya has really enjoyed playing with Amelia and some of her new birthday presents. 

She’s into absolutely everything and you can’t leave her unattended for a moment, you also can’t leave anything out that you don’t want her to put in her mouth. This is something Amelia is struggling with and she gets upset when Taya picks up her toys but she is getting better at putting toys away or putting them up high so Taya can’t reach them. 

Towards the end of the month we had both my mum and husband’s birthdays. Whilst visiting my parents Taya sat on a little chair to watch her sister play outside, she looks so incredibly grown up and she would clap and shout every time Amelia ran over to the door to say hello to her. 

No birthday in our house is complete without a trip to Nandos which is what we did for my husband’s birthday last week. The girls loved it, Amelia gets so excited about having chips when we go out and Taya just loves watching everyone and throwing food on the floor. 

In between all the birthdays we’ve also enjoyed a trip to the park on the one day it didn’t rain, a trip to FlipOut which we’ve never been to before but it was great fun, lots of cuddles and sister play time and even some quiet and peaceful mummy snuggles. 

Over the last couple of days she’s shown signs that she might be learning how to wave, I’m very excited about this and am trying to encourage her to try constantly so hopefully by the next update she’ll have cracked it. 

She’s also trying so hard to stand up on her own, she can pull herself up on furniture and toys now but has to hold on with at least one hand. She wants to let go though, she wants to hold toys or clap but of course she falls down. I won’t be at all surprised if it’s not the next thing she does though as she is possibly the strongest willed baby I’ve ever met. 

So, until next time; here’s a baby in a knitted bobble hat. 

Rachel xx 

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