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Taya Louise is One

February 4, 2020

My little baby is one! We’ve been a family a four for a whole year and it’s completely changed our lives. There’s never a dull (or quiet) moment but there’s also so much love and joy. 

Watching Taya grow over the last 12 months has been a privilege, made greater by our decision for me to stay at home I haven’t felt like our first year together has been rushed or cut short. I’ve seen more of Taya in her older months than I did of Amelia at the same age and I’m so grateful to have spent that time with her. 

To watch her learn to crawl, starting to learn to stand independently, trying to encourage her to take steps with her walker but she’d rather sit inside it and let her sister push her around so I think we’re a little ways off from walking on her own yet but I’m okay with that. She can be my baby for a little longer. 

A few things she has taken to really well this month has been the change in her food. We’ve been working on Amelia’s fussy eating and as a result Taya has been swept along in the new meal plan and is no longer eating pre-made baby food but is instead joining in with the meals I’m making for Amelia. 

She’s loved getting involved and feeding herself although it’s been a very messy process with a lot of food on the floor but I think she’s getting the hang of it now. 

We’ve also successfully transitioned from formula to cows milk which I’m delighted about because it means no more expensive tubs of powder but also means we can ditch the steriliser and the perfect prep machine and get some space back in our kitchen. It’s the little things. 

This last month has also seen a huge increase in her chatting, we have a very strong Dada which she basically says all the time. She will also say Baba when she sees a baby or a doll which I think is pretty smart of her but she still doesn’t really say Mama much to my annoyance. Amelia tries her best to encourage her, “Taya, say Mama, say Mama Taya” is our soundtrack at mealtimes and whilst Taya looks at me when she hear’s “mama” her reply if often Dada. Typical! 

We’ve tried back carrying this month too but I can only do it when my hubby is at home to help put her in. It went well the first time but since then she just pulls my hair so I don’t think we’ll be doing much more of that to be honest. I still love to carry her in the front, she’s so heavy though. 24lbs to be exact at her 1 year review so it’s no wonder I can’t carry her around for very long. 

We had a little party at our house for her 1st birthday at the weekend and it was the loveliest afternoon with family and friends. 



Taya did so well with all the people around but she did get quite overwhelmed at times, she loved having the ball pit out and playing with loads of balloons. She even tried some of the buffet food and had a small piece of her own birthday cake. 

That cake by the way was amazing! It was from Marks and Spencer a bit of a last minute order because I felt guilty for not getting Taya a handmade cake like I had for Amelia but this one was just as delicious so I’m really pleased we ordered it. 


Her actual birthday has been very chilled, we’re all a bit tired after the weekend. We’ve played with her new toys at home, been for a pub lunch and even had the music on having a little dance party. 

Amelia helped her to open her presents shouting Taya pull Taya pull until she grabbed a piece of the paper. I had expected Amelia to just tear into them but she was very kind and helped Taya to do it herself. 

Taya had originally been wearing the playsuit that Amelia wore on her first birthday party and I loved the sentiment of that but I think it was a bit small (because Taya’s a giant) and it kept popping open under the nappy so we had to change her into something else. 

I still can’t quite believe today is her birthday, it seems to have gone too fast but I’m super excited for the next phase. I can’t wait for her to start walking and be able to explore the way Amelia can, to be able to play with her more. I feel like every new stage is my favourite because they’re constantly getting better and bring more joy but I don’t want to wish our time away either and I’m going to miss those sleepy cuddles when she’s too old for them. 

To celebrate her birth I bought her a knitted doll, a lamb called Lucy. She has been with her for her monthly update photos (apart from month 1, baby brain) just to see how much Taya grows over the course of 12 months. Here they all are, clockwise from day 1 to day 365. 

To end this one year post I want to share some of my favourite photos and moments of our year with Taya Louise. 


Ok I’m done, I’m not crying you’re crying. 

Happy birthday my beautiful wild spirited darling, don’t ever let the world change you. 

Rachel xx 

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