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Taya Louise // Four Months Update

June 4, 2019

Our smiley little pickle is 4 months old today, it’s sort of crept up on me this time and I felt like we hadn’t done much or that not much had changed for Taya.

Then I went through my camera roll…

I can’t decide in this photo if she’s clasping her hands in anticipation or slyly giving me the finger?

Her newest trick is that she can reach out and grasp things, she’s very good at taking hold of her dummy and waving it around. She then gets very angry that she can’t put it back in and as soon as she’s got the motor skills to do it, it’s the first trick I’ll be teaching her.

It’s not just her dummy though, if you hold a toy in front of her she will slowly get her hands in the right place and take hold of it, sometimes immediately dropping it on her face but sometimes, she will bring it to her mouth and give it a good chomp.

It’s also not just her toys though…

This is definitely one of my favourite photos of these two and I have to laugh every time I see it.

Looking back through my photos, there have been quite a few cuddle photos this month. More than I recall so that’s a lovely little surprise to see Amelia wanting to cuddle and hold Taya more and more as she gets bigger.

All those snuggles are cute, but almost nothing is as good for my soul as this next one…

Sure no one’s actually looking at the camera and Taya is blowing bubbles or dribble or both but they’re both dressed up in their princess dresses for ‘princess day’ which is what we called our friend’s wedding where Amelia was a flower girl.

I know this post is about Taya, but I can’t not take a moment to remind myself (when I look back on these months later) just how proud we were of Amelia that day. She was surrounded by strangers, people doing her hair and getting her dressed, someone trying to take her picture and then I asked her to stay with a bridesmaid she’d never met before whilst I went to sit down and to walk down the isle on her own and sit at the front of the service without us.

She was an absolute super star and never complained once all day. Taya, was a superstar too. She slept through the service (which was a godsend because I didn’t want to be that guest) and although she refused any and all attempts at a nap after that she did manage to stick it out to 8pm when we went home.


When she’s not being adorably cute and smiling at everyone, she’s screeching in frustration because she’s still trying to roll. She’s so incredibly close and actually managed it once at my parents house.

She was trying so hard and I said to my Dad “just wait, she’s do it when no one’s looking” so of course, she did it when no one was watching. We were busy playing play-dough with Amelia and she was just kicking about on her blanket at the side of us and the next thing I looked over and she was on her tummy wondering what the AF had happened.

It’s the one and only time she’s made it all the way over, currently she’s still struggling to get her arm out from under her but if she could figure that out, she’d have it.

Her obsession with sitting up is getting stronger, she’s at the stage where she’s trying to lift herself in her pram carry cot and is just sort of doing crunches the whole time until she wears herself out and falls asleep.

To help her out at home I picked her up a Mamas & Papas sit and play seat. This seat does also come in white and grey which is oh so very insta friendly but the toys on this one looked much better so bright and gaudy it is.

She bloody loves it, she can grab all the toys and thinks the crinkly book is the best thing ever when really it’s the noisiest thing ever.

Technically she’s still to little for it because she can’t sit up on her own so I keep it pressed up against the sofa to help support her weight and she’s NEVER in it unless I’m in the room with her because she does have a habit of slipping down inside it which sometimes she thinks is hilarious and other times she screams murder.

We’ve made a bit of a backwards step in terms of her sleep, maybe this is the legendary 4 month regression or the 4th leap that she’s currently in but we are definitely NOT sleeping through the night anymore. Where before she was quite happy to be given her dummy and go back to sleep, now she will shout and cry out every 15-20 mins until I just give up and get milk.

I’m not 100% convinced she’s hungry because with the dummy she is settled but then it falls out and so she wakes and cries. But, I will not be getting out of bed every 20 mins from 4am when I could spend 20 mins giving her a bottle and everyone gets to go back to sleep.

So that’s where we’re at now, I give her the dummy back once and see if that does the trick but the next time she cries out I just make the milk and everyone is getting better rest so I’m happy with this solution for now.

So, when I started writing this I said I didn’t think I had much to comment on in the last month, guess I was wrong.

Oh and I’ve actually been and gotten her weighed today (look at me all up to date and stuff) and she’s currently 14pound 14oz which literally makes her giant. She’s gained 2pounds in the month since I last had her weighed but she’s still within her margins so everyone’s happy.

Thanks for joining us for another update, see you next time.

Rachel xx

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