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Taya Louise // Five Months Update

July 4, 2019


Oh just look at that little smile *heart eyes emoji*. This little girly can’t stop growing no matter how much I ask for time to stand still for a moment.

The most noticeable change in her since last month is that now she is rolling all day every day. She even rolls when she doesn’t want to. When she’s crying on her tummy and I help her to roll on to her back again, she’s happy for a moment and then just flips over and starts crying again.

We’re definitely past the ‘put her down anywhere’ stage because she will just roll off now so she can only go either on the floor or in her cot or somewhere she can be strapped in safely. I’m definitely missing being able to just place her down so I can see to Amelia when she needs me, now I’m all like ‘just a moment let me put Taya somewhere safe’ and poor Amelia has to wait, every time.

She’s full on loving her toys now too which is brilliant, she can take them from me when I hold them out to her or if they are within her reach she will roll to grab one and bring it to her.

Her current favourites are Freddie the Firefly, her atom, cloud rattle and her crotchet bunny rattle that I’m also completely obsessed with.

Every single thing goes straight in her mouth and I’ve also noticed her rubbing her ears lately which is a sign we’ve started on our teething journey for sure now but other than dribbling and chewing on everything it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much.

Over the last couple of weeks she seems to have become more and more aware of Amelia, and she’s obsessed. Taya follows her with her eyes constantly and Amelia is always squealing “she’s looking at me” and I always tell her it’s because she loves you so much she wants to know where you are all the time.

Amelia loves all the attention and is always trying to help Taya; giving her back her dummy or fetching her toys, she’s even been helping me with her baths.

When Taya properly started rolling over, Amelia took the credit for it telling everyone who’ll listen that she taught her sister how to roll. She’s now trying to show her to crawl by lying on her tummy and shuffling forward saying ‘come on Taya, you can do it’ and it’s so cute my heart might burst watching them.

She tells me daily that she can’t wait to share her toys with her sister and that she’s going to teach her to walk and run and going to teach her all the words that she knows. I legit can’t wait for all of this to happen but let’s not get there just yet…

Little partners in crime I think we have here and I bloody love seeing them together.

I’m trying where possible to get Taya involved at the park too, she’s been joining Amelia on some of the equipment and also been helping me to look for Amelia when we play hide and seek.

We’ve graduated to the big girl chair of her pram this month too, she has been too eager to sit up and look around and so was getting very frustrated in the carry cot unless she was asleep. She’s been loving the big seat and Amelia loves being able to see her and talk to her as well.

She’s still definitely a motion baby and will fall asleep every time she’s in the pram, usually just as we get to where we’re going and she has to get out bless her but she still loves a pram nap even when there’s loads to look at.

Whilst we’re on the subject of sleep; let me just jinx myself by saying she’s officially sleeping through the night!

You’ll remember last month we were in that weird place where she might wake up or she might not, the dummy might be enough to settle her to sleep but then again it might not and we end up giving her more milk.

For the last couple of weeks now, she’s been sleeping through completely, some night we don’t even have to give her the dummy and she just sleep til morning after her 10pm feed. She’s an early riser though which I’m not a fan of, currently she’s up anywhere between 5am and 6am so we definitely need to work on that because I’m a 7-8am kinda girl so if she could get on board with that, it’d be grand!

Another big milestone for us was our trip swimming last week, a first for everyone as I’ve never taken Amelia either. I was so convinced she wouldn’t even go in the water but she absolutely loved it and we had to force her out of the pool when the school lessons started.

Taya seemed to enjoy it too but it’s much easier when they’re small because they just go with the flow. I bought her an insulated vest to wear over her water suit to help keep her warm in the water and it definitely worked because she was able to last about 40 mins before she was clearly getting tired and hungry and I got out with her.

We’re definitely going to be making it a regular thing because it’s so good for both of them.

I think that’s all I have in terms of updates this month, I took Taya to be weighed on Tuesday and she’s now 16lbs 1oz so it’s no wonder she feels like she’s weighs a ton when I’m carrying her around the house.

Just before I sign off, can we take a moment because next month will be her six month update! How on earth is she going to be six months already?


Rachel xx

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